Community Quilts from Connie

Connie S. finished up some baby quilts…This is Connie an Iowa girl not my Connie who’s a Minnesota girl.

Connie S wrote:
I have finally finished and gifted these two quilts you sent me to bind in April of 2018. Both quilts were made by Marian in Tennessee. I enjoyed hand stitching the binding on both quilts – one very bright colors and the other quite subdued with more pastel colors.”

Marian makes THE MOST AMAZING baby quilts.  I’ve worked on so many of her quilts.  They are all so nicely coordinating and the patterns are all so fun.

Here is the second quilt…it’s precious…
That’s another great backing too!!
Connie S writes:
The quilts were given to two families through St. Alphonsus Parish in Mt. Pleasant, IA. Each family has been assisted by the parish as their families were affected by the ICE raid of the meat packing plant in Columbus Junction. The baby quilts were greatly appreciated!”

“I’ve attached pictures of the quilts all finished. I wish I would have taken a closeup of the quilt with the pastel colors, as there are little sheep, rabbits, carrots and other details that don’t show up in the distant shots. The details on the bright colored quilt show off fine from a distance.”

I remember those fabric Connie…they were GREAT!

Connie writes:
Thanks for giving me this chance to finish some quilts to donate. It always feels good to help someone else in their time of need.”

Marian and Connie…AWESOME job.  I love these both and would happily have given them to any baby I know.

On a side note….
Marian once wrote to me and said that she love making baby quilts.  She says she gets bored with the design and a baby quilt is the perfect place to stop at.  That made me smile!!

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  1. Both those quilts are darling. All those involved in making these quilts did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing.

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