Community Quilts from Cheryl in Dallas

I have a wonderful quilt to share with you from Cheryl. It’s a pretty one for sure. Cheryl said she was tempted to keep it as it turned out so nice and I couldn’t agree more.

Cheryl writes:

This gorgeous community quilt top was made by that most prolific quilter:  Ms. Anonymous.  Such a busy gal!  I received this quilt top from you a while ago (not going into details about the date!), and I’ve finally completed  this beauty that will surely become a family heirloom.

Look at the detail in this house.  I wonder if it was paper pieced because it is so detailed and accurate.  

Or perhaps you’d prefer a nice barn.  I know that barns are traditionally red in color.  I was born in Mississippi, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a red barn there.  How about your area of Iowa?  Is red a predominant color for barns where you live?  Just wondering.

These pears are on the side.  So cute!

This plump chicken is on the opposite side.

Each corner has a matching flower.

The original quilt top was 61” x 62”.  But, you know my motto “The only good quilt is a bed-size quilt.”  I thought about how to make the top grow, and finally decided to add multiple borders.  The top and bottom got four borders, and the sides got two additional borders.

Yeah, the joy of working with scrappy projects:  I had plenty of fabric that “kinda” matched the fabric already in the quilt top.  I pulled a bunch of yellows and reds and found some that would work.  Mind you, much of my fabric stash came from donations or yard sales, so these colors must be popular with other quilters, too.

Here you can see all four borders at the top of the quilt.  The first border is a yellow and white tiny print, then a wider yellow and white row, next triangles set on the diagonal, and lastly, a red print.

See these red squares set on point?  I had the absolute worst time with them.  I invented the wheel again by coming up with my own method of making them with the white background.  Oh, my!  I made every mistake possible.  After I finished these borders, I looked up this block on-line (so many tutorials available), and discovered several correct methods of sewing this block — none of which I stumbled on while I was fiddling around.  Next time, I’ll be smarter and avoid all the problems I invented.

At last the top was ready to be loaded on the longarm.  See that roll of batting in the background?  I adhere to the “prop it up in the corner to get it out of the way” philosophy.  I really need help from a Quilt Room Designer to improve the looks of this room. 

Below, you can see the two new side borders, using only the red squares on-point and the solid red border.

This top was quilted with “Flower Power,” an edge to edge design available at  

Quilting all finished and on display in a Texas backyard.  The grown up quilt is now 78” x 94”, which is very generous for a twin-size quilt.  Maybe it will be used as a bedspread.  Another reason I’m drawn to this quilt is that yellow and red is my favorite color combination.  The first quilt I made was a yellow and red log cabin.

I love all the details in the pretty red barn, which is apparently not located in Mississippi.

I used fabric donated by a local quilter to make the backing and binding.  Some of this red fabric was used in the new borders.

This quilt will go to Luke’s Closet, which distributes household goods to students at Dallas Theological Seminary.  Although I’m tempted to keep this one, I promise I won’t do that.

Thanks to Anonymous Quilter for such a wonderful top!  It was fun collaborating with AQ.  I trust the love that went into this project will bless the recipient for a long time to come.

Wow. Isn’t that an awesome quilt!! Cheryl always tells such a great story to go along with them too. THANKS, Cheryl and thanks to the Anonymous Quilter. The top is awesome!!

On a side note. I know many of you remember that Cheryl has been battling a return of cancer. Several of you have asked how she is doing. Cheryl shared in her note that she has graduated to having checkups every two months. That’s great news!! Many thoughts, prayers, and good vibes are welcome for Cheryl to continue to have success.

17 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Cheryl in Dallas”

  1. What started out as a pretty little lap quilt became quite a stunning bed quilt with Cheryl’s loving vision. Congratulations on a job very, very well done, Cheryl; and best wishes for returning health. (I don’t blame you for wanting to keep this beauty!)

  2. The pieced patterns for the house, barn, pears, chicken and pinwheels are from the book Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt. The book include directions for both 6-inch and 12-inch blocks. I don’t know the origin of the tulip block in the corners of the quilt.

  3. Beautiful top to start, even better with all the borders. Cheryl is right, bed size is better. Her work is so thoughtful and intentional. Also, I am so glad to hear her health update. Great news.

    1. Such a fun quilt . In out area “ iowa “ we have red barns . Like how you made it bed size . I have to agree. Much more useful . But would have been a fun small wall hanging . If you live on a farm here in Iowa with the chickens and barn. Prayers for you Cheryl and your battle with the cancer .
      Keep busy quilting and stitching

  4. Kristina Wilkinson

    I am pretty sure that the tulips are a Lori Holt pattern too as they look a lot like the ones in the Scrappiness is Happiness quilt along I am in the midst of! I love how these blocks are used in this quilt! I struggle to keep up at times with sew alongs and this is such a great way to use the blocks with other things. So beautiful Cheryl and Mrs. Anonymous! Great inspiration today. Happy Thursday! K-

  5. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting. This is definitely a quilt that will brighten up somebody’s day!

  6. You did a wonderful job on this quilt, making it larger and with the quilting. What a wonderful place to donate it to.

  7. You turned this into a wonderful usable bed quilt. Thanks for all the work you did to get this done. Here’s hope all future chec-ups are good ones!
    And yes Minnesota does have red barns!

  8. Beautiful! Love how you made it larger. I agree that It is much more useful in a larger size especially considering where you are donating it. Best of luck, Cheryl, on your cancer journey.

  9. Karin Callander

    Wowsa, fabulous color choices and such accurate piecing of those pesky squares! That charming little lap quilt turned into a soon to be treasured heirloom, for sure. Praying for continued recovery for Cheryl, and, Cheryl, if it’s any consolation, I have the same roll of batting standup on the very same place! Lol. Thanks to Jo and her dedicated peeps!!

  10. Karin A Roosa

    Wow! Absolutely stunning quilt both before and after the additions. I have been making HSTs out of leftover fabric and this gives me an idea of how to use them in a different way. Prayers to you, Cheryl.

  11. What a wonderful finish on what started out as a gorgeous wall hanging. I don’t work with yellow very often, but this quilt was really inspiring to me. I love the idea of putting the blocks on point. Great job and the person who receives it will be blessed.

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