Community Quilts from Cheryl

I am excited to share a quilt with you today that is finished by Cheryl.

She writes:
“The most recent quilt finish came to me via you, Jo, and it was sent by an unknown quilt maker.  When the top arrived, it was 65” x 82”, which is bit smaller than I like for a twin-size quilt.  I got busy and added a pale beige border and a wider rust border to grow the quilt to be 75” x 102.”


It was a quandary to figure out how to enlarge the quilt since it was made with only three fabrics, and I didn’t have any matching fabric.  I rummaged through my stash and found a natural colored muslin that matched the background in the tan print fabric, and I found the rust print that goes with the tiny flowers in the tan blocks.  I do think the new fabric coordinates nicely with the original fabrics.




The olive and beige prints are 2” x 4”, and the white squares are 2”.  Simple and elegant!




I used an edge-to-edge digital quilt pattern called Star Flower, by Patricia E. Ritter and Tracey Russell.  It is available at



Look what the community of quilters produced…  As I admired this quilt, I thought “Wouldn’t that look great in a scrappy mix?  Maybe have alternate rectangles in one fabric, the spacer squares in a second fabric, and the rest could be a scrappy blow-out.  Well, that’s the scrap-lover in me coming out.



You can see the Star Flower quilt design better in this photo.


The binding is the same fabric as the rust outer border.



The backing is a rust colored sheet from the Thrift Giant.  I added a bit of olive green fabric between the large backing pieces.  It is a pretty good match for the olive fabric on the front.



The three rusts and two naturals and two olive prints are from different collections (and different states and different quilters), but they play well together.

This quilt is going to a student at Dallas Theological Seminary.  My hubby went to school there, and it holds a dear place in our hearts.  I hope a future student will enjoy their time at the seminary as much as “we” did and keep this quilt as a reminder of love and caring from folks whom he has not yet met.

Thanks to the anonymous top maker!  I sure hope she identifies herself in the comments so we can thank her properly.”

Jo here writing now.  Something in the computer isn’t letting me go back to my normal font.  UGH.  I just wanted to pop in and congratulate Cheryl on how well she was able to put this all together with the coordinating colors.  From personal experience, I know that is no easy task.  As Cheryl said, if you donated the quilt top, thank you so much and please let us know in the comment section.



14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Cheryl”

  1. Absolutely beautiful quilt!!! Cheryl, you did a wonderful job matching up the fabric to add the borders and the quilting and backing are fantastic!!! Job well done!!
    Jo, you have done a wonderful job getting this community of quilters and finishers together. Will be so glad when my sewing room is done and my longarm is put together again so I can jump in to lend a hand….until then, I applaud you all!!!

    1. Saw the quilt and quilting wonderful quilts for people in neat and ill children.wonderful work. Jean from wisconsin

  2. I think your choice of the rust border fabric was brilliant, Cheryl. It really sets the quilt off and makes it pop. Excel uses of the three olive strips on the back.

  3. Great job on making it a better size and matching the borders and backing so well. Many thanks to Cheryl and the maker of the top. Lovely finish.

  4. The quilt is beautiful and the rust border really makes it pop!!

    Jo isn’t this the Brick House pattern? I tried to look it up on your site but the free patterns link kept going to quilt tutorials. I’m rural so could be my internet.

  5. Absolutely beautiful finish, Cheryl. I believe the added borders and quilting motif actually frame and accentuate the wonderfully pieced top. Someone will be very thankful to receive such a special quilt.

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    Cheryl, I like the design you created for the backing of this quilt. Lovely quilting as well!! A wonderful finish to be shared.

  7. To Anonymous & Cheryl – you made a beautiful quilt together without ever meeting.

    To Jo – that’s the power of the community you created.

  8. Linda G Jarnecke

    Such a beautiful quilt. How lucking Cheryl was to find the coordination pieces mostly in her stash! I’m going to write the block sizes down and try a scrappy quilt like this because it speaks to my heart.

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