Community Quilts from Chelesta

I have from Celesta to share with you today…She makes LOTS for babies in the hospital.

Hope you’re doing well and enjoying summer. I have some quilts from Patty K. in Florida.

Here you go with Patty K’s creations. Patty is from Florida.

The blue one is a unicorn panel and the orange one is called Rusty Dino II and was made by Patty K. These will make some children smile at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

The brown quilt is a Fall Sampler, which I backed with blue and brown teddy bear fabric, and the adorable blue and green one is called Singing in the Rain, with Elizabeth W in Rockville Md. supplying the fabric. Patty was the creator of both of these quilts.

The tan-bordered one is named Sweet Owls 4 You, with the fabric supplied by Sandy B of Anaheim, Ca.

Both the next one, Blue Dino, and the owl quilt were also sewn by Patty. Not only is Patty a creative quilter, but also very creative with names for her quilts. Thank you so much for all your hard work, the kids will love cuddling with your quilts.

WOW…these all turned out great. Many thanks to Celesta for her hard work and to Patty. She is a prolific quilter and quilt top donator. It’s so appreciated. We are so lucky to have you both on the team.

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  1. Jo, we are still waiting for you to repeat the post about your new job. The original one did not come through and many of us are really curious as to what it is. Please consider telling us about it. Thanks so much!

    1. I happened to read that post before she took it down. But I won’t spoil it for you. Somewhere last week in the comments someone had contacted Jo and said it would post on the 14th of this month. I know the suspense will be hard!!

  2. Just to comment to those above comments. I often get all the gibberish, but if I go back the next day or so, then the blog post is good.

    The above quilts are so pretty – cute! Thank you Chelesta and all the others who made this special. These will bless some sweet little person.

    1. fo you have to do anything to the gibberish messages or just the sitting over night works the kinks out ???


  3. Beautiful quilts for children and babies. Thank you to everyone for their work and donations.
    Love and prayers

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