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I have more quilts to share with you today.  Isn’t it amazing that three blog posts a week can be dedicated to community quilting?  So often I wonder if I’ll have enough quilts to fill the upcoming slots and just like magic, there are emails in my inbox with more finished quilts.  I love it!

Today the quilts are from Celeste.  She writes:

It’s been a bit of a crazy year for us, but I think we’re moved and fairly settled, although some things are still missing, and will show up eventually. I have some quilts finished, and if the blizzard that’s predicted here in Ohio, isn’t as wild as forecasted, we’ll deliver to the kiddos at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. If not possible for Christmas, they’ll be New Year’s gifts. If it gets as cold as predicted, I’m sure these quilts will be welcomed! According to our contact person at the hospital, the rooms are chilly and the quilts are welcome at any time.

These tops were donated by Kay from Forest City, Iowa, and are delightful. These are great designs to use up scraps, and they look so cheery and bright.


And another set from Kay, also …scrappy and fun and happy.

These next quilt tops are from Maryanne in Perkasie, Pa. Maryanne is prolific and so creative. I especially like the orange and yellow one, what little boy wouldn’t like a quilt with all kinds of trucks?

Maryanne had also included some panels that worked up for fast quilts, which I’m sure the kids are going to love. I apologize for including some of Kevin’s tin batman signs that he was working on hanging on the wall.

Thank you to both Kay and Maryanne, and for some tops I finished, to use up some of my scraps, we will have between 40 and 50 quilts for children. As hard as it is for us adults to be confined to a hospital, it’s just doubly hard for a little one. Thank you and hope this New Year brings you all peace and joy.

Thanks so much, ladies.   Great work on finishing them all Celeste.   I love that you are all doing these.  After seeing Anders and then Gannon in the hospital, I can see that a quilt for a little one would surely be a comfort and much appreciated by the family there with them.  What a wonderful cause!!


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  1. I looked for information for Celeste on the quilt donation page and did not see her. Does she accept donations? Thank You.

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