Community Quilts from Celeste

I have quilts from Celeste to share with you today. She’s got several so enjoy the parade.

I have some baby quilts finished for you though, so here you go!

Celeste writes:

These baby quilt tops are from Patty K in Florida, and I love what she sent. Also, Jazz, you’re not the only one who quilts straight and you need to imagine all the curves and squiggles as you look at these quilts. The one quilt was tied due to it being a little larger and bulky. I have come to the conclusion that most all kids really aren’t going to care whether the quilt they’re given is quilted professionally, as long as it’s cuddly.  

The first one is a good way to get rid of smaller pieces of fabric scraps, and she calls this one “Scrappy Squares.” The second one is adorable with appliqued puppies which she has titled “Down Home Little Puppies.” What kiddo wouldn’t love those puppies?

The red scrappy tiles, Patty has named “Second Chance,” and the fabric for this one comes from Nancy R of Texas and from Patty. The second quilt is titled “Pink Tossed Blocks, and Patty also provided the backing for this one, how darling!

And then we have sunshiney yellow, the first one is titled “Yellow Scrappy Tiles,” also from Patty, and the second one titled, “Old Mother Goose,” was from Bonnie who provided the panel, and the border and the backing came from Gail. It really does take a village!     

These quilts are going to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, one of the premier Children’s Hospitals not only in the US but in the world. They are a nonprofit hospital, which means your child will get the care they need, whether you’re able to financially afford the care or not. Meeting the folks at the resource center, where we drop off the quilts, gives you a sense that these folks are doing their jobs for the right reasons and their hearts are in the right place. Thank you Patty and friends for your hard work.”

Many thanks to Patty and Celeste for their great work. Patty is always looking for places to send her quilt tops and for kid-friendly quilt fabric. Please feel free to contact Patty using this email if you have fabric you’d like to donate or if you are in need of quilt tops. Patty is great and will ship them right to you.

Many thanks, Celeste for sharing your time and talent to make these great quilts.

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Celeste”

  1. Have enjoyed reading your blog when it randomly appears in my feed. Today’s intrigues me, though. It mentions that quilts can be tied (I tend to tie most I make), and you speak of Patty sending quilt ops or materials to people to finish and donate? I am interested in learning more about that option, if tying is good. :-)

  2. Beautiful work, Celeste! And you’re right, I need to attempt something other than straight lines and tying. I’m working on my courage as l write this.

  3. These are so bright a fun. I love to think of little ones cuddled under these while listening to a book!

  4. Thanks, Jo, for all you do: making tops, finishing them into useable quilts and taking such good pictures so we can see them too!!

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