Community Quilts from Celesta

I’ve had a really busy week and again am pressed for time to write blog posts.  Happily, I’ve gotten in a lot of community quilts. So I’m writing an extra post on community quilts today.  These are from Celesta and her group that works to help provide baby quilts for women in Tanzania who birth their babies through the sponsored clinic.

Celesta writes:
Life has thrown our little group into a busy time, with several new grandbabies and some health issues but we have some quilts finished, all thanks to Maryanne from Perkasie, Pa. She has been so generous to our cause. It seems generosity is a requirement for a person to be a quilter, those two skills seem to go hand in hand for just about every quilter I’ve ever met…

After a week of rain, I had to go outside and enjoy some sunshine with these quilts. Doesn’t the pink and green one give you a taste of spring, and aren’t they adorable?

These quilts were all from panels or fabric, and we turned them into whole cloth quilts. The orange one is birds and birdhouses, and the two with the safari animals are perfect for Tanzania, the home of the Serengeti. And what little boy wouldn’t love a quilt with trucks and dogs?


And aren’t these just the… happiest quilts, they make me smile. They will be perfect to cuddle a little one halfway around the world.


And as you can see, Maryanne has been busy and creative. Another three quilts that she sewed, each one unique and happy.

Thank you so much Maryanne for your generosity and your beautiful work. It was a pleasure for our little group to finish these up and prepare to ship once things get a little safer and back to everyone healthy. Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later.”

WOW…what a big bunch of quilts.  Thanks many and much to Maryanne as well as Celesta and her group for joining hands to help so many in need.


5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Celesta”

  1. Very pretty quilts. The bright colors will be perfect for some little one cuddled in Tanzania. Thanks for the generosity of all those who made these quilts happen.

  2. Wow! what wonderful quilts but more important what a generous gift and so many will be lifted up by their talents.

  3. It frustrates me that charities aren’t allowed to send supplies at a time when they must be very much needed. I hope the powers that be decide they can be shipped soon. They are beautiful quilts destined for Beautiful babies!

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