Community Quilts from Celesta and Friends

Yahoo!! More Community quilts to share with you all…

Celesta writes:

I continue to be amazed at the generosity of quilters, sometimes when we see all the evil in this world, it’s easy to forget the goodness, but you quilters continue to remind me that there is more good than there is evil, thank you!
Our first quilt is another larger one from Dee in Findlay, OH.

What a beautiful quilt, I can only imagine how much work Dee put into this quilt! Wow!

The next several are more from …
MaryAnne in Perkasie, PA. She is a prolific quilter, and what beautiful work she does!

And some more from MaryAnne!

The following are from Jackie H. in  Houlton, WI. She included a total of 8 which included two made by her mother who is 89 and still quilting! I have a feeling, quilting is what keeps her young, and maybe the rest of us too!


And of course Junie, the official quilt inspector had her say, she approves Jackie’s quilts!

She was a stray cat that showed up in our back yard, and we also have another black cat, who she closely resembles, except for size. Hence the name Junior, until we realized she was pregnant and was not a Junior. We found homes for the babies, and she is now Junie!

Thank you so much to each of you for your beautiful donations. Our little group really appreciates your help. Hopefully, with the Covid-19 vaccine coming, containers will be moving again before too long, and we’ll be able to ship what we’ve made in the last year and a half. We couldn’t do it without all your help, Thank you!”

WOW!!  I just love hearing about how all of you are sending quilt tops to Celesta’s group who makes quilts for the women in Tanzania who have just given birth.

I know there will be several of you who want more information about the Tanzania Quilt Project.  You can read more about the mission HERE.  If you are considering a donation, you can contact Celesta at this email address

They primarily are looking for baby quilts finished or just tops that are 40″ x 40″.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Celesta and Friends”

  1. That first quilt was a free mystery by Edyta Sitar, which she gave out daily when the first confinement started. It is very pretty and kept us very busy

    1. Cheryl in Dallas

      Berroeta, Thank you for identifying the source for this quilt pattern. It’s a masterpiece of a quilt. Dee put in lots of time and skill with every stitch.

      All these quilts are going to be treasured. I’m especially taken by the widdle bitty baby quilts. As we say in Texas, “Tx, quilters!”

  2. What a great batch of donation quilts, Jo! Celesta and friends do good work! I share her hopes that she can start shipping again soon. A year and a half’s stockpile of quilts can’t be easy to store!

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