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I’m breaking into this post to let you know that Kalissa got the requested shirts in.  Many of you requested that this design be put into a t-shirt.

She listened and did.  There is a limited number of them as getting shirts to print on can be a challenge.  She posted about these on Facebook last night and they are going quickly.  You can find them HERE on her Etsy shop.

Many of you, I am sure, remember Celesta and her group that was busy making baby quilts for a Tanzania birth center that gives quilts to all newborn babies.  Celesta sent me an update on their group and I’m sharing it with you today.

Celesta writes:

I’m not sure what happened to summer and most of fall, it went way too fast, and I didn’t get accomplished what I had planned, life sometimes gets in the way of our plans.

First of all, an update on what’s happening with quilts for TZ. After discussing with Paula from IHP, she agrees, with no certainty

as to when containers will be able to be shipped, due to Covid, for the time being, the baby quilts need to find a new home, and hopefully, soon we’ll be able to build inventory back up and be shipping again to TZ for the mamas and the babies of Tanzania.

We have shipped a little over 150 baby quilts to Tanzania before our transportation shut down. I have now delivered 25 baby quilts to the Homeless Shelter here in Clinton County, Ohio. The lady who accepted them was delighted. She said they get quite a few families, and when they lose their homes, they can’t really bring very much with them, and it will be wonderful to be able to give quilts to the little ones for comfort in these stressful situations. We have also been able to donate some of the larger quilts to fundraisers, one that was specifically for International Health Partners, who is working in Tanzania, and also several others.

I’ve also contacted Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and they were excited at the prospect of being able to give their little patients their very own quilts. Sandy, whom I spoke with said, “you folks will make so many little people so happy.” They will accept whatever we have, so I’m in the process of bagging most of the inventory that is finished to take there in the next week.

Hopefully, things will get back to “normal,” before too long, and we can go back to sending our warm quilt hugs to the babies in Africa, but for now, God has other plans.

I decided to take advantage of Ohio’s unusually beautiful weather and photograph the quilts outside on the back deck.

And here you go with some beautiful quilts. I apologize for this first group of quilts. They are such beautiful cozy flannel quilts, and when they arrived, I didn’t have any flannel for the backing and there was no flannel on sale. I didn’t really want to pay full price and put them away safely with I thought, the note that was with them. Unfortunately, they were tucked away too safely, and when I found them the note had disappeared, I’m so sorry to whoever sent them, I could take a guess, but I’m not sure I would be correct.

They are absolutely beautiful and so cozy and warm. Thank you so much.

And some more…

don’t you just want to cuddle with them? Thank you so much for your beautiful work,

These next ones came from Linda in Tullahoma, Tennesee and they are beautiful. What little boy wouldn’t love an appliqued dinosaur quilt?

Linda also included backings, thank you, Linda. 

Maryanne from Perkasie, Pa has also been busy. I am always excited to see her work. She has a knack for putting together colors that pop and will make any kiddo’s day when they receive one of her quilts.

And some more of Maryanne’s work. If you look closely at the one in the corner, you’ll see the farm animal blocks mixed in with her red and polka dot blocks. She also included pink piggy material for the back, how adorable. Thank you, Maryanne!

Thank you everyone for your generosity. We truly appreciate all your help.”

I’m sure it was disappointing to Celesta and her group to be deterred by Covid and shipping issues.  I am glad they were forward-thinking and found a new home for the quilts.  I’m sure they will be back working to support the Tanzania newborns soon.  Thanks to all who have supported their cause.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Celesta”

  1. Jeanne T McArdle

    Good morning,
    I was wondering if Celesta is accepting quilt donations. If she is could you please send address so I can send them and also what is needed.
    Thanks so much
    Jeanne McArdle
    Tucson Z

    1. Hi Jeanne,
      We’re going to keep on working on quilts, they will go to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for starts, and eventually we’re hoping to be shipping to Tanzania again. We’re accepting completed quilts, quilt tops, backings, whatever. We prefer baby quilt size, approximately 40″ X 45″ and anywhere in that vicinity is fine. Our address is –

      Attn: Celesta
      Peace Lutheran Church
      3530 Dayton Xenia Rd
      Beavercreek, OH 45432

      Thank you, Celesta

  2. Such lovely cuddly quilts, I am sure the little ones will be delighted. On a second note I am delighted to say I have ordered my new T-Shirt as shown by the model Jo. I am very happy to pay the shipping cost and wait the time for the softest quality cotton arrive in UK. I have ordered a size smaller than normal, why? I’ve lost weight, yippee. This will be my third top, no doubt not my last.

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