Community Quilts from Cathy K

I have a lot of quilts coming in from finishers…I love it. These happen to be from Cathy K. She has done several batches of quilt and always does great work!

Cathy writes:

 I’ve got a batch of four quilt finishes to share with you today.

In the last batch of tops you sent me were two religious-themed quilt tops. I knew that Quilts for Kids (at least our local Salt Lake Chapter) doesn’t take quilts with religious, holiday or patriotic themes, so I passed the tops on to a friend (Lory) who belongs to a local church. Lory has a longarm machine, and not only was she able to layer and quilt the tops, but she was able to use them in her church’s fundraising drive to earn money for their youth program. Not only that, but she sent me photos of the finished quilts so I could share them with you and your readers.

Here are these two little quilts, each of which is approximately 38×38”.

Yay!  Don’t you just love happy endings?

These next two quilt tops were…

 sent to me by McGill U in South Carolina. Every quilt top she sends is always drop-dead gorgeous! 

First up is this cute quilt using Tula Pink Scraps. I love the vibrant colors, and I know some child will too.

The backing was a dark polka-dot grunge fabric that McGill included. I think it turned out fabulously!

The second quilt top from McGill was this adorable scrappy plus quilt. What a happy quilt, meticulously pieced as always! Thank you McGill! I backed it with some Tula and Kaffe blocks and yardage from my stash. I think they all play well together. These last two quilts were quilted by me on my new domestic Bernina 570 machine (I literally wore my last one out with 19 million stitches). They are going to Quilts for Kids.

And I’m already pin basting the next set of four tops. Gotta get as many quilts done as possible before spring gardening cuts into my sewing time, LOL.

I love Cathy’s can-do spirit. I too am running and chasing the clock as spring is just around the corner. I feel that reality all of the time with both my sewing and stitching. I’m sure those of us living in a four-season climate can relate! Many thanks to Cathy and the wonderful help who made all of the tops. I just love seeing them!

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  1. Just an FYI..the 2nd of McGill’s quilts picture didn’t show up. I’m sure you’re still having issues and working like crazy.

  2. As other have commented, I couldn’t view the last two photos either. However, that Tula Pink scrap quilt is adorable!

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