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We have a quilt finisher that has been working in the background for some time.  Her name is Cathy and she’s from New York state.  Cathy happens to be a relative of Sandra from the Cresco Ladies quilt group.  Cathy and I previously had a bit of a miscommunication and Cathy didn’t know she was supposed to send pictures of the finished quilts to me.  Then Cathy had a few quilts that went to my old email address when it crashed that I never got back.  UGH.  A few quilts slipped past before we realized it but now we are all on track.  If you happened to have donated a quilt top and haven’t seen it finished, it could be one that Cathy had.  I feel bad that a few of those quilts were missed but things like this are bound to happen with so many quilts going in and out.

Here are the latest from Cathy.

Sandra from the Cresco Ladies group is so nice.  She often picks some coordinating fabrics and “cuts kits” for Cathy.

Do you recognize…the animal faces in the quilt below?  There was a fabric when Covid was hot that could be sewn into the masks and the masks looked like animal faces.  Cathy used that mask fabric in this quilt.

What a great way to use up the fabric and not let it go to waste.

Cathy is a machine binder.

Here is another fun animal-themed top…I’m they will make great cuddle quilts.

Cathy is looking for any donation of batting and backing fabric preferably in light colors.  If you have some and want to donate, this is Cathy’s email. . You can contact her and get her mailing address.

Many thanks to Cathy and to the Cresco Ladies for helping provide the tops.  It’s fun to see everyone working together to do good things!!

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