Community Quilts from Cathy

I have quilts to share with you from Cathy.  She worked hard and got several done and ready to share.

Cathy writes:
Hi Jo! I’m hoping that you and the family are all well. We’re now in the heart of the holiday season and probably all too busy! (Wink) So here is some fun eye candy that won’t spoil anyone’s diet. these adorable quilts are all courtesy of those super piecers, the Cresco Ladies!

The first quilt is a simple patchwork quilt of pastel plaid alternated with blocks of a cute farm print. I think you can’t go wrong with animals on kids’ quilts!

I warmed up my little domestic Bernina with a simple loop and vine motif.

The second quilt is… a cheery patchwork of jellybean-like motifs and bright yellow.

I took the opportunity to channel my Inner Jo and practice my version of your “Hook and Bump” flowers. I’ve done them before as huge motifs, but felt this little quilt needed a smaller scale. The jelly bean squares just have a simple stipple.

Next up is a delightful Dr. Seuss-themed strip quilt. Oh my, some lucky kid is going to love this!!

I quilted it with a simple stipple. But check out the backing.

Both Horton and the Lorax are represented on the front, but The Cat in The Hat called and said he felt it needed some feline representation! So in homage to him, this cat backing was added. I think it’s perfect (but I may be biased! LOL)

The fourth and final quilt in this batch is this red and blue (and white and black) bold, graphic daisy quilt.

While I did do some simple stippling in some of the blue and print strips, I felt the big daisies called for something different.

Naturally, your daisy quilting came to mind. What I ended up doing was using the dark thread to scribble-trace the daisies one or two times, intentionally not following the lines. I’ve since learned that this technique is called pen-and-ink quilting and is reminiscent of watercolors that are added to pen-and-ink drawings, intentionally wicking their color beyond the lines. Anyway, to finish it off, the black and white border features a wishbone design, which turned out surprisingly nicely since it was my first time trying that.

These quilts are all going to Quilts for Kids here in Utah. Also, if any of your readers have novelty or kid-themed fabrics for backings, we would be grateful for any sent our way. The quilts we finish go to hospitals, clinics, first responders, shelters, and juvenile and foster centers throughout the state, and we are always in desperate need of fabric. Thanks!

Here is Cathy’s email address if you have any child-friendly fabrics that could be used as backing fabric.

Isn’t it great that Cathy is willing to tackle these on her domestic machine?  I think it’s impressive!!

The Cresco Ladies and Cathy teamed up to really make some nice quilts.  I’m sure the kids are going to love them!!  A big THANKS to everyone!!

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  1. All four are great children’s quilts. Simple designs always work well, don’t they? Love the strippy with daisies, so bright and appealing. Thanks Cathy for your quilting and for the Cresco ladies putting those scraps together so well.

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