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We have a newer quilt finisher to add to the family. This is Carolyn. The tops she worked on were made and donated by the amazing Cresco Ladies.

Carolyn writes:

I responded to your call for quilt finishers a couple of months ago, and you sent me four tops to quilt and donate. I was really excited to receive them, but I longarm quilt for a living and had to wait for a break in customer work before I could get busy on the donation quilts. 

The first thing I do is measure the quilts and pin a tag to them with the size. That way I know if I need to add borders, and it lets me keep my eyes open for leftover pieces that will work for backing.

The first one measured 42″ x 49″ which is a little small for the ones I have been doing. 

I added borders with fabrics from my stash to bring it up to 56″ x 70″. I quilted it with white thread and bound it with the same red fabric I used for borders. 

The second one was 42″ x 60″ which is a great size.

I didn’t need to add any borders; I just quilted it with an orchid color thread and bound it with the same hot pink I used on the back.

Next up is a purple one that was 43″ x 51″. 

I added a variety of borders which I think made a pretty quilt look even better. I quilted it with gray thread and bound it with the dark purple I used for the border and the back. I’m not really a purple person, so I thought I was really lucky to have a purple in my stash that was such a good match. The finished size was 57″ x 71″.

The last one is my favorite. It started out at 45″ x 56″. 

I added two simple borders with fabric I had in my stash which brought it to 58″ x 69″. It was quilted with tan thread and bound with the same fabric I used for the inner border.

The back was a sheet someone had gifted me. It’s super soft and cozy, and I like the way it enhances the quilt.

I am so happy to have these quilts done. They were delivered to Mid-Coast Family Services here in Victoria, Texas, along with three others I had made and two a friend made. Mid-Coast operates a shelter for families who have had to flee their homes because of domestic abuse. They generally arrive at the shelter with nothing, and these quilts are given to the kids to use on their beds. I was told by the administrator that the kids are so touched to know someone cares enough to make something just for them. If you have more tops you need a home for, please feel free to send them to me at 

Carolyn Bradshaw

303 Hampshire Lane

Victoria, Texas 77904

I also can and will find a use for extra fabric that can be used for backing and/or binding. 

WOW!! I love these all and I like that Carolyn took them and added to them to make them the size she needed them to be. So often when the Cresco Ladies make these they are using donated fabric and only have so much of a print so they can’t make the tops any bigger. This was a great example of some good teamwork. Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for donation the tops and to Carolyn for finishing them. Great work. If anyone has goodies to send Carolyn’s way, it would be much appreciated.

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      1. Jo, your link also goes to gibberish. This is the first one that I have had problems with in a long time. Just informing, not complaining.

  1. Does Carolyn have contact info like an email address? I’m also in Texas and would love to donate a few tops for this cause. However, I was wondering what size she is taking. I couldn’t find her in your list of donors. Thanks for any help you can give.

  2. It’s so nice to see so many good organizations are out helping people. There are always people who need help. And wonderful to see how many talented people contribute to the quilts.

  3. Last night’s post is unreadable. I used the link you posted in the comments and was still unable to read it. I know it must be frustrating for you. Please try to fix it; I am anxious to see your new project! Thanks.

  4. Such very nice quilts and Carolyn, such good finishes. Shelters for families that need to flee their homes are such worthy places to donate quilts. Thank you Cresco ladies and Carolyn!!

  5. What a wonderful quilt show for a frigid evening in Wisconsin! I have some tops I can send you, Carolyn. Lemme get everything all together & I’ll get them sent out to you!

  6. What a marvellous job Carolyn did, enlarging the quilt top to the sizes she requires for her donations. They will be much appreciated by the children who receive them.

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