Community Quilts from Caro

I sent some things to Caro and the Pierce City Library Quilters.  Many of things that I sent were things that I passed on from things that had been sent to me.  The giving keeps on giving when things are sent my way.

Caro made the quilts with the help of MANY.  Seriously…MANY.  You can pop over to her blog and read all about it.

If you gifted something to me, is there anything you can see in the quilt that may have come from you??

Here’s another quilt she did….This was a really FUN quilt in person.  I loved all of the florals?  Often times I wouldn’t have thought to put them all together as there are so many different colors but then I remember, flower gardens look great when all kinds of colors are mixed so certainly a quilt would too.

Caro opted to add an outer border to make it just a little bigger.  It now is 54″ x 70″.  You can find Caro’s blog post about this quilt HERE.

Here’s a closer pictures of the mix of florals.

Caro is sending these on to the Children’s Advocacy Center.  I’m so please.  Someone is going to love these.  There were MANY-MANY-MANY who worked to bring these quilts together.  The saying many hands make light work are so true in the making of these quilts.  THANKS to you all!!

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Caro”

  1. Love the pinwheel quilt! Using all the bright florals reminds me of Kaffe fabrics all used together. It just works! Great job to everyone involved!

  2. I really love the floral quilt. I need to search my stash and probably add to it so I can make a similar quilt. You all have done a great job, both quilts look great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I made the floral quilt. It was a charm pack that I used for a split 9 patch. I love that Carol added the green border, it was exactly what the quilt needed. Thank you for all that you do, Carol!

  4. Just wondering if anyone knows what pattern was used for the floral quilt. I can’t tell from the small photo and was not able to enlarge it. I love that quilt and have tons of floral scraps I could use up.

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