Community Quilts from Beth and Lynn

I had a few quilts come in from a couple of different people. I decided to put them together into one post. First up, Beth.

She writes:
I’ve been working steadily on a number of tops sent by the Cresco Ladies.  I didn’t have quite as much time to quilt this month as previously due to a series of events but did enjoy working on all of these.

The mouse looking for the cheese top was too cute.  I backed it with a singing flowers flannel from my stash and bound it with blue from the backing material sent by Lillian from Washington.  I followed the maze pattern with an overall squiggle in a light blue.  The squares had a delightful green border that I was able to match some green from my stash for the binding.  I used the last of Lillian’s blue backing on this one.  It too is quilted in an overall squiggle pattern.  Behind these two in the picture is a raggedy quilt made from leftover backing material.

Stripes with blue and white sashing is quilted in a twining flower pattern in light blue.  It is backed in the singing flowers flannel from my stash, and I used the last of the blue binding from Lillian.  This is a slightly bigger quilt and it was donated to fulfill a request for a toddler-sized quilt from the Women’s Housing Coalition.  All the other quilts were taken to Project Linus.  Simply bears and squares is a cute baby-sized quilt.  I couldn’t resist backing this with some grey/blue flowers and bees found in all the wonderful material sent by Suzie in Texas.  I found some blue that exactly matches the darker blue squares in my stash to bind it with.  I used the light blue quilting thread in an overall squiggle pattern once more.

A big thank you to the Cresco ladies, Lillian and Suzie for their generous donations that allowed me to work on these without having to go shopping!

Lynn also had a quilt finish share. Lynn is a newer quilt finisher. She writes:

I added the yellow border. The backing is the same fabric as the border. It is quilted with white thread in a quilting pattern called Welcome-Spring.  I will be sending it to Lutheran World Relief.

I removed the small white outer border and added the larger gold border. It is quilted in a sunflower pattern in a variegated gold thread. It will go to Lutheran World Relief.

Many thanks to the top makers and to Beth and Lynn the quilt finishers. It’s great to see finished quilts coming in. I just love seeing how wonderfully the tops all turn out. THANKS EVERYONE!!

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  1. Ooooh, that mouse-and-cheese maze is absolutely darling!! Is that an original design by someone? I love it!!

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