Community Quilts from Beth

Beth is a busy quilter. She recently sent me an email with three recently finished quilts that I’m happy to share with you today.

Beth writes:

All of the following quilts were tops made by the highly prolific Cresco Ladies.   I supplied the backing and binding for all unless otherwise indicated.

The first one is a gorgeous pink, black, and white top.  I would never have thought to put these colors together, but they were standouts.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a photo of it that did the colors justice.  In the sun, the photo washed out.  It is backed with pink polka dot flannel and quilted in an overall squiggle in variegated pink.  

The pink/yellow/blue top is a cutie.  I used a cute doggie print flannel to back this and again used the variegated pink in an edge-to-edge squiggle to quilt. 

The third quilt finished was a cheerful yellow top.  I had a yellow background print of puppies that I used as backing and quilted this in white thread.  This quilt will surely brighten up someone’s day. 

As I was finishing up this message, I received a box from Lillian (Washington) of material.  Most are big enough to serve as backings with one piece being 3.5 yards of 108″.  I haven’t separated all of what is in the box but you can tell it’s all quality goodies.  A big thanks to Lillian.

These quilts all turned out so nice. I love the fun novelty prints that were used as backing. One of the quickest ways to make a regular quilt a kid quilt is to add a fun novelty print on the back.

Thanks to the Cresco Ladies for making the tops and to Beth for bringing them to the finish line. A big shout-out to Lillian for sending backing fabric. It’s perfect!!

They say many hands make light work and it’s so true!!

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  1. These three quilts are so cute and the backings are perfect. Thank you Beth for your great quilting and to the Cresco Ladies for their fine handiwork, and to those who donated backing fabric. Yes, many hands make light work!!

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