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Quilt finishers Beth has some fun quilts to share today. I didn’t send these to Beth so I had never seen them before so it was a treat for me too!!

Beth writes:

Kay (from Iowa) sent me the following email.  “I have about 10 quilts tops to send your way if you want to finish them. I think they all have backs and most have binding. Let me know if and when you want them.  They are all baby size and most are from 1930 reproduction fabric.  I think I’ve finally used up all of that fabric. Whew!”  When I got the box, I was blown away by the meticulous, gorgeous tops she sent.  Kay did a fabulous job with these.  If this is what she makes with her scraps, her large quilts must be showstoppers.   Not only did Kay send the tops, she sent backing and binding material for each.               

The first one I pulled out had applique patchwork hearts.  I used a baby blue quilting thread to quilt a meandering heart pattern in the borders, loop d’ loops inside the hearts, and matching hearts in each corner.  The second beauty was squares with a yellow flowered border so I used gold thread to quilt a meandering flower pattern throughout.  These were both backed in green and white star-patterned cotton.  The third quilt was patchwork squares with purple flowered borders.  The children-at-play panel adds a whimsical touch.  It is backed in muslin and bound with the leftover fabric material from the previous two quilts backing. 

Continuing with the 30’s theme is a rail fence design.  Kay pieced a backing that included some of the reproduction fabric.  Using the blue thread (again), it is quilted with an overall meander. 

Five-inch squares surround more children at play panels and is backed in a soft blue flannel.  Using the blue thread I meandered my way across, leaving the panels untouched.  The zigzag quilt is backed and bound in a bright yellow.  The blue thread blends so well with the fabric, I once again used it in an overall meander. 

The next quilt is bordered in 5-inch squares with rail fence blocks surrounded by white.  Switching to a light pink thread I used a hearts and vines motif throughout.  This one had a polka dot multi-colored backing.  Another patchwork heart was quilted in pink with the hearts and vines in the borders and loop d loops in the hears.  It is backed and bound with green and white fabric.

The last two of the 30’s themed fabrics are made up of squares, one set horizontally and one on the diagonal.  Both were again quilted in an overall meander with blue thread.  The backing is a light blue flannel.

The last top in this bunch is quite different from the others.  The bright colors highlighted by black and white to create the squares within squares pattern on the next quilt really pop.  I chose an equally bright primary color variegated thread to quilt in an overall meander.  I loved the back.  The dark gray again highlights the center row of fabric that matches the black and white squares on the front.  A dark-gray was used in the bobbin to blend into the back of the quilt.

Thanks to Kay and her hard work, we had another batch of quilts ready to go to Project Linus.

Many-many thanks to Kay (in the great state of Iowa) and to Beth. These all turned out so nicely. I am sure the people at Project Linus will be impressed and the kiddos that get them will love them. What a great bunch of quilts.

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