Community Quilts from Beth

Beth has been busy sewing and finishing quilt tops. They are all super cute with fun prints. You’re in for a treat.

The first quilt is a top by the Cresco ladies.  Somehow this one got to the bottom of my pile so I’m not sure how long ago it was sent.  The colors reminded me of Fall so I backed it with a farm harvest flannel I had.  It’s quilted in an overall squiggle with variegated green thread. 

All of the remaining quilt tops were made from material sent by Suzie (Texas).  I used a whack-and-stack pattern I picked up years ago on a trip to Hawaii.  This is a great pattern for working through a stash of larger pieces of fabric.  It’s a very quick pattern to put together and yet every block and quilt comes out a little different.  I purchased the backing and batting for these.

I had a lot of fun sorting and putting these fabrics together.  The first quilt (bugs) was quilted in a swirl pattern with gold thread.  The backing is flannel cats. 

I had enough of the white and gold material from Lindsey(Washington) to bind this quilt.  (Sorry to see it go, it’s been a fabulous piece of material that I’ve bound many of the previous quilts in.  It seems to go with any quilt I don’t have matching material to bind with.)This is the largest quilt at approximately 56” x 54”. 

I used primarily blues and greens for the second top (46” square). 

Lots of different objects to play seek and find within this one.  Not quite enough of the singing flowers flannel to back it so I added a row of bees.  It’s finished by quilting with light blue thread in 2” straight rows.  The leftover scraps were used to make a pieced binding. 

Next up were pinks. 

I loved the way these colors came together for a 54” x 40” inch quilt. With the pink polka dot flannel as a backing and wandering flowers quilted in a variegated pink, this will make a darling baby girl quilt for some lucky recipient.  Primarily pinks were used in the third stack and whack which finished at about 44” square.  This one was backed with the same pink flannel and quilted in straight rows with the same variegated pink thread.  This one reminds me of the 60”s.  I found some pink fabric to bind both of these in.  I quilted this one with the variegated light blue in an overall squiggle.

I then placed all the sewing-themed fabric together to make another quilt about 54: x 40″. 

I used an overall meander to quilt it in the blue variegated thread.   I had enough fabric left to make a small (36” x 42”) baby quilt with large triangles.  I used the last of the farm flannel to back this one. Using the variegated pink thread (once again) it’s quilted in loop d’ loops.  Using leftover scrapes, I was able to piece together a matching binding. 

A big thank you to Suzie for all the fun fabric.  Her generosity resulted in 6 more (I think quite cute) quilts for donation.  All of these quilts were donated to the Women’s Housing Coalition which provides shelter and support to victims of domestic abuse.

WOW, Beth!! These are great. Sometimes a stack and whack is just the pattern to do the trick. They come together quicking without having to do a lot of initial cutting. I just love the fun prints.

Many thanks to Beth, the Cresco Ladies, and to Suzie for the fabric donations. So many will enjoy these wonderful quilty gifts. If you want to talk with Beth about possible quilt top or fabric donations, you can reach her at this address. THANKS.

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  1. The quilts are lovely, great work finishing the quilts! The colors are nice and bright so hopefully will provide the recipient with a happy moment.

  2. I have done sewing, crocheting blankets for all my kids. I have 3 kids, 9 grandkids and going on 8 great grandkids. I would love to learn how to quilt but have no idea how to get started. If you could give me a idea how to start I would appreciate it. Thank you

  3. Bless America— sure getting a lot of the blogs with the “mess” /code or whatever it is called again!!! Discovered with one that it was okay after 24 hours!!! Haven’t read through comments lately–so not sure if anybody else has reported it happening again in last week!!

    1. Yesm It does happen to me. Good hint to look at it after some time has passed to see if it corrects it’s self.

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