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I have quilts from Beth to share with you today. Beth did note that “Some of these tops were forwarded to me by Liz W and others sent by you, Jo.   I’d like to know how many tops these ladies make a year.  It has to be in the hundreds.  And all are unique in designs and colors.  Thanks to all of these generous ladies for sharing their time and talents with others.”

I can tell you Beth that we don’t even see half of what the ladies from Cresco produce. They also finish MANY quilts and donate them to area fundraisers, projects, and benefits. If I ever have anything going on that could use an extra quilt, I call Sandra and they have some to donate. These ladies are true givers and I so appreciate them. They are truly the backbone of the quilt project!!

A quick update on quilts finished…..Beth writes:

I’ve been working steadily on a number of tops sent by the Cresco Ladies.  The first two had distinct 5” squares, (beach and cows) that I wanted to highlight.  I did an overall looping stitch in a variegated beige in all but the focus squares.  Both were backed and bound in a solid tan from the backing provided by Lillian from Washington. 

Let’s Golf” was backed with a multicultural faces flannel also sent by Lillian.  “Ice Cream and Bubbles” was backed with a farm-themed flannel from my stash.  The gold and white binding was from material sent in Lillian’s goodie box.  I tried a new quilting pattern, swirls, on these two.  My long arm is not computerized so there is a variance in the swirls but all in all, I was pleased with the results.  Both of these were quilted in a soft variegated pink thread. 

The next two (Squares within Squares) were quilted using the neutral thread in a straight-row pattern.  These were also backed with farm-themed flannel.  Both were bound with material from Lillian.

The vase of flowers was straight-lined stitched in the borders and outlined stitched in the center in baby blue.  A flannel of singing flowers from my stash backed this one with more of Lillian’s white and gold for the binding.  Butterflies and flowers is backed in a mottled rust given to me by Lillian and bound with a tan I had.  It was quilted with a neutral tan in an overall squiggle pattern.  The Loonies Tunes Christmas was sent to me a while back and I finally found some Christmas flannel on sale.  A green squiggle was used to highlight the characters.  The gold/white binding added a perfect finishing touch

Orchards with white borders is backed with a paisley print sent by Suzie in Texas.  The neutral tan squiggle was again used to quilt it.  It is bordered in yellow (leftovers from the back of the second quilt in this picture).  The last quilt in this bunch is the largest with gorgeous colors and flowers.  Backed with a yellow paisley print (my stash) and quilted in a vining leaves pattern in variegated green thread.  It is bound with a lighter green.   

Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous tops with me.  I have a few more to work on over the next few weeks.

These were all just awesome. Thanks for your time and hard work, Beth. You made these all shine.

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