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Barb has been busy. Many Community Quilters find it’s almost easier to finish quilts than it is to do the write-up, take the pictures, and get them sent to me. It really is a task and I appreciate everyone taking the time to do that. THANKS Barb!!

She writes:

 I have some recent Community quilt finishes to share. The most recent one is this Christmas themed quilt made from a panel. Its so nicely done and I love how the quiltmaker used a wood-like print to frame the center, like a picture!

I did a wide pantograph on the borders and outline quilted inside the panel. The backing is a Christmas cats print and binding is another “wood” print.

Next up is a quilt that makes the most out of scraps! It features strategically placed squares in a design that looks random but is very well thought out! 

This quilt deserved some extra time in the quilting so I did a free-hand square flower in each of the blocks and finished with a vine design on the border. Got Lots of practice in starting and stopping and hiding the thread ends! Both of these finished quilts have been donated to a local church group that provides Christmas baskets to needy Seniors and families. They were very well received!

I also have 2 quilts that were donated to the local Women’s shelter.  They were needed on an urgent basis and were put right to use.

First is this unicorn-themed fabric which was paired with a couple of coordinating prints and surrounded with a pink striped border. Adorable! I used a pink floral for the backing and binding and quilted using a floral pantograph. 

Sorry, I don’t have a photo of the finish for this one but here it is laid out and ready to start quilting. The same unicorn fabric is used here as an allover print in squares that feature encouraging words and cute designs to appeal to kids. I used another pink print for the backing and binding and the same floral pantograph to finish this one. Both quilts were very well received!

Thanks so much to those who gave of their time, talents, and resources so that I could finish these tops and donate them in my community! I do so appreciate being given this opportunity and look forward to doing more.

Don’t they all look so nice!! Thanks so much for finishing these Barb. I’m guessing the first couple were donations from the Cresco Ladies. THANKS to everyone who donated. It is much appreciated.

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  1. Great quilts. Thank you, Barb, for your beautiful work. I am sure the recipients are very happy to have these to snuggle with.

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