Community Quilts from Anita and Cheryl #2

Last week I showed you two of the four quilts that Cheryl and Anita teamed up to make.  Today I have two more to share…

Anita writes:
Another beautifully pieced and stay stitched top by Cheryl of Spokane Wa. It will also be donated to the EVE shelter in Lansing Mi.  

I modified this quilt top a little. I took off on row from a side, re-oriented the blocks to match the direction needed and sewed it to the bottom. I took a square quilt and made it a rectangle to fit a twin sized shelter bed.  I used a white on white print for the backing. 

Cheryl had included a navy blue binding for this one, but with my modification, it wouldn’t work. So I shopped my stash and used the green and white stripe instead.  I’ll use Cheryl’s blue binding on a smaller charity quilt in the future.”
Here is the second quilt….
Cheryl used Amanda Jean Nyberg’s fabric line called “Good Neighbors” for this one. Her patchwork is spot on, it is a beautiful quilt.

This top was a bit small for a shelter quilt so I added 2 borders to make it larger.

I did a search on Connecting Threads website hoping to get some yardage in the same fabric line.  They were sold out, but I did find the large red/pink and white gingham that looked similar in color, so I used it for the outer border, backing and binding.  I also used some left over piece Kona navy for the inner framing border.

WOW…What fun quilts!!  I’m so happy that these were able to go to EVE Shelter in Lansing, MI.  It’s so good to know that places that help are supported by great quilters like Cheryl and Anita.  A huge shout out to your both for your amazing work!!

14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Anita and Cheryl #2”

  1. THANK YOU… great post and i who smoke and have been un able to quit….so get what you have said so greatly…..appreciate your comments on all of this.

  2. I made one like the 2nd quilt from a CT kit but haven’t gotten it quilled yet. I really like your blog, Jo, so I went back to read the entries from the beginning. I got as far as June 2010 going forward but it wouldn’t let me go any further forward in sequence and I don’t remember seeing “not secure” in the header. Help?

    1. Hmmm. It should let you. Did you access through the archives button. You’re in for a treat once you get to 2015…that the remodeling the house year. It was my favorite.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    What an accomplished quilter. They are so lovely colors and piecing. Thank you ladies for your generosity. Thank you Jo for sharing. Praying the quilts will comfort someone who needs to be warm and safe.

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