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I got an email from Alice in Indiana.  I had sent a couple small quilt tops to her to finish.  I don’t know which blog reader sent these to me.  I’m so sorry I can’t credit you for making the top.  If you recognize a top and you made it, please leave a comment in the box.  We’d all love to recognize you and the work you did to help people.

Alice writes:
Last August you sent me two quilt tops for charity. They are finally completed. Here they are! The longarm quilters in my charity quilt group quilted them and I did the binding.

They will be donated to Middle Way House which is a safe haven for women and children leaving abusive situations. Our group makes quilts specifically for this organization.

Each child can pick a quilt or pillowcase to keep. Sadly, they go through the quilts as quickly as we can donate them. We deliver about 10 quilts every month to them.”

I found a website for Middle Way House in Indiana.  You can find it HERE.  If you are inclined, I’m sure Middle Way House is always looking for quilts or donations.  Alice said they donate pillowcases as well.

People who suffer abuse from others are near and dear to me.  My mom grew up living in an abusive family and no ever should ever have to.  Thank you so much to Alice and friends for working hard to help Middle Way House help others.  Thanks also to the wonderful quilters who donated the tops.


7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Alice”

  1. I always make a pillowcase with leftover fabric to store my quilts in, I can tell which quilt is which in my armoire. Better than a plastic bag.!

  2. Lovely quilts!
    I saw this on another blog and it applies to your blog. Please make the change as it always alarms me to see “Not Secure” when I’m on your blog.

    Go to your settings in Blogger and on the Basic page in the middle is a place for https redirect. You should change it to YES. HTTP is not secure, not safe. You might see on the URL line of some blogs that is says Not Secure. If it is safe there is a lock symbol at the far left of the URL line.

  3. Hey Jo,
    Have you had a chance to watch “Dead To Me” with Christina Applegate? I believe Season 1 is on Netflix.

  4. Lovely quilts. I’m sure they will bring comfort to those who will receive them. Thanks to all who have helped in making these quilts. Thanks Jo for sharing.

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