Community Quilts from Adele

I have quilts to share with you today. They are all coming from the quilt finisher, Adele.

She writes:

Here is one of the quilts that you sent to me from the Cresco Ladies.  It’s a Christmas theme quilt.

I put a gray on the back and used the leftover for the binding.  The pattern is called Twizzle.  This quilt will go to an auction for a charity called Chalk it Up. 

Here is another quilt that you sent to me from…

the Cresco Ladies.  I put a cream on the back and also used it for the binding. 

This quilt will go to a local hospital to their NICU.  The pattern used for the quilting is called Trail Blaze.

Here is the last one that I have finished so far from the Cresco Ladies.  It is a cute one that a little boy would love with motorcycles on it.

 I put a soft blue flannel on the back and also used it for the binding.  It will go to a local hospital to the NICU.  The quilt pattern is Trail Blaze.  I have two more to do that you sent, will get to them as soon as I can.

Many thanks to Adele for finishing these and many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for putting all of the tops together. What great work!! I’m sure these will be loved.

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Adele”

  1. Jo just wanted to let you know this is those 1st post that wasn’t in code for me, since the 19th. Just FYI. It seems to be getting worse. I filled out the survey but am adding the while I usually read you on, I am writing this on the website, where I am having the exact same problem. Interesting. Good luck with this!!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Those quilts were so especially the floral and purple squares. Jo, you have some wonderful assistants in doing great things for others.

  3. I was not getting your blog for a long time, all of a sudden it is back. Yay! But I was having a problem with the scrambled words too. Not so much in the past week.

  4. Very nice quilts and nicely quilted. Thanks Adele and those who made them. They will some little heart.

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