Community Quilts Finished by ME!

One of my goals, while I was off from childcare during my cancer treatments, was to try to get my longarming caught up…that didn’t happen.

I did make some progress though.  I got these four quilts finished and ready to be gifted to fundraisers.  I get a lot of requests from people over the year for donations.  I do my best to oblige.  There are so many good causes out there and I like to support as many as I can.

Thanks to the help from some of you, I was able to finish four tops that will be donated throughout the year.

I had saved back several pet-themed quilt tops as they came in from blog readers.  This is one of them.  How cute with the kitties.

The colors on this are so bright.

I used a variegated yellow thread on this…I did a simple stipple motif.

I had some black leftover binding strips so I used them up on this.

Speaking of using things up.  I pieced the backing together using up leftover pieces of yellow and green large polka dot fabrics.  I thought it looked fun with the bright colors on the front.

I will be donating this to the local animal rescue when they hold their benefit.  I am hoping someone will love it and donate a good amount of money for it.

I’m sorry I don’t know who donated that quilt top…

The next top was from the Cresco Ladies.  They provided… the backing too.

This one is also pet-themed…this time, it’s dogs.

It’s not a super fancy quilt but I’m hoping someone who attends the animal rescue fundraiser will love it.  It’s a perfect throw size or as we call them around here…couch quilt-sized.

Maybe a pug loved will think the pug on the quilt looks just like their pug…

I did a simple stipple on this too using brown thread on the top.  I thought about using black but didn’t what black thread going through the cute puppy fabric.

This is the backing fabric they sent along.

Here’s another dog-themed quilt.  This one is all primary colors!

I did a “flame” motif on this.  I again used the variegated yellow thread on the top of this.

I bound it in red.

So many fun prints went into this quilt.

This one sat for a bit because I couldn’t figure out what to use for the backing.  Any blue or red I had was the total wrong color.  I ended up going with this white.

This one I’m saving back for the animal rescue group as well.  I think that has me covered for all of their events in 2022.  That makes me happy.

A HUGE shout out to the people who donated the tops for these quilts.  I’m so thrilled to be able to donate to the animal rescue groups.  I think it’s a great cause.

If anyone ever makes quilt tops that are pet-themed and they want to donate them, I’ll happily finish them and donate them on.

I had one more finish.  This is the wonderful top I told you about in Monday’s post.  I had told you that this one needed a little TLC longarming as it didn’t lay completely flat.

It ended up turning out just fine.

No one would ever know that it didn’t lay flat.

I’m a firm believer that if you ever have a quilt like that, use a stipple motif for the quilting.

Isn’t it a pretty quilt?  So much work went into this.

In the photo above the binding looks black but it’s really the same purple I used on the backing.

I am not sure where this will be donated to yet.  I know there are several fundraisers that ask me throughout the year.  This will go to one of those…

Rosie was not happy that she had to stay in the house while I took pictures.

Again…MANY thanks to those who took the time to make these tops.  I’m so pleased I could team up with you to help some worthy causes!!

19 thoughts on “Community Quilts Finished by ME!”

  1. I loved all the quilts you finished. You do beautiful work. The quilt that didn’t lay flat brought back a memory I thought I would share with. Our mother was an excellent seamstress and quilter. Her step mother-in-law also pieced and quilted. Mom said her points rarely met but when the quilt was quilted you didn’t notice those points at all. The quilts were pretty.

  2. The quilts are beautiful! I think finishing four quilts it a good accomplishment taking everything into account. It must be a good feeling to know when needed these quilts are ready to be given.

  3. I’m wondering if you could ask if anyone knows what the pattern name is for the first one? I’d like to get it if it’s available. A great bunch of quilts for worthy causes and hopefully they’ll fetch great prices. Nice work, Jo.

    1. Sherrill – the pattern you are looking for is #235 from Alleycat Tales. Hope you can find it – it is a really cute pattern.

  4. Did you see how Bonnie Hunter basted a quilt that wouldn’t lay flat this week? She used a serpentine pattern instead of straight line. I am not a long armer, but it seemed like a good trick to me.

  5. It sounds like the donated quilts in your area bring in a good amount for the charities. My mom and I were talking about quilt donations the other day and she told me about a charity auction she attended a few years back in which some lovely quilts only brought in less than $40 each! We kinda figured that a raffle must be the better way to go, at least in this area. It’s hard to wrap my head around a quilt being so Little valued. You gave a lovely finish to those lovely quilts. Oh! I got the crosstitch supplies in the mail today. Such pretty colors! Blessings

  6. Good morning, Jo.
    The first kitty quilt pictured is one I sent to you. Thank you so much for finishing it–it looks great! If I still had this quilt top it would still be in the pile to be quilted. I am glad it is going to such a great cause as animal rescue. Thank you, again!
    Sherrill – the pattern you are looking for is #235 from Alleycat Tales. Hope you can find it – it is a really cute pattern.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Barb!! It was so fun to work on it. I will be sure to add your name on the donation tag when I donate it!! You were so sweet to send it.

  7. I love all these quilts, and they look especially beautiful outside in the snow! I do feel for Rosie having to miss out on the fun – she looks so sweet. I was also so happy to hear that you would be willing to quilt the animal themed quilts for pet rescue organizations. I have quite a bit of dog and cat themed fabric and perhaps that knowledge will inspire me to put it to good use. It makes me feel so good that you are feeling better and are able to make these beautiful quilts. I think about you and your beautiful family all the time Thank yo so much for sharing with us.

  8. I’ve used your stipple quilting tip when a quilt top doesn’t want to cooperate. It works! When I first started quilting a friend told me, “It will quilt out,” when I was concerned about bias edges and she was right, too. My quilting is much better these days, and I’m a firm believer that Finished Is Better than Perfect! Plus, I’m still learning as I go along thanks to all your good advice and encouragement.
    I, too, have cat & dog fabric stashed away. Why did I never think to make something for our local animal shelter? Sheesh! Love the four seasons medallion and basket quilt. You would never know there was an issue with it. Really beautiful finishes for so many good causes. Thanks, everyone.

  9. Great accomplishment – and a happy one that they are ready, when the event and need comes up! The one that wouldn’t lay flat– especially beautiful, but like all of them and quilting and all looks great. I thought that Rosie looked like she was frowning /a little scowl ?!! :-)

  10. Jo, thanks for finishing the primary color dog quilt I donated. You made perfect decisions to close it out. Still a bunch of dog fabric in the stash so I’ll start looking for another quilt for you. I’m no longer a dog owner, but sure am a dog lover. Hi Rosie!

    1. Hey Gloria. Thanks so much for sending the quilt. I will make sure to add your name on the listing when I donate it to the local pet rescue. THANKS!! It was a joy to work on!!

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