Community Quilts: Everett Valley Quilter Edition

I said I’ve had new volunteers to finish quilts. That is so awesome as the Cresco ladies with their speedy sewing are keeping us all on our toes.

The newest bunch of ladies to volunteer to finish quilts is out of Marysville, WA and are called the Everett Valley Quilters.  Laurie is my contact and she writes:

I have finished the quilt tops you sent me from the Cresco, Iowa quilting ladies. I am forwarding the pictures to you. They will be donated to the Everett, Washington firefighters for distribution to kids who have suffered trauma. We put them on the fire trucks and in all the aid cars. We have been told so many heart warming stories of how these quilts have comforted children facing all types of stressful situations. I like to think of it as a hug when they most need one. Please let the Cresco ladies know how much their work is appreciated. Thank you.”

Laurie sent me photos of 15 finished quilts…YES, 15.  I split them up into two blog posts…one for this morning and one for the this evening.

Here’s the community quilt parade courtesy of the Cresco Quilt Ladies and Laurie’s group out of Everett Washington.

This is a simple nine patch made with bigger blocks and wide borders.

Here’s a strip quilt.  I just love seeing tops like this….  I know the gray/green stripe fabric came from me as it was once part of a shower curtain I had in my home that I altered…the drum fabric was left over backing fabric I used.  I recognize the green and the other white fabric as fabrics donated by blog readers.  How fun!

This one has such pretty muted colors.  I love the quilting on the border.  It really sets the quilt off.

Here’s another nine patch….

Next is a quilt that is made from leftovers.  I wonder if when they pieced it together if they realized it says “Hi”.  See the “H” and the “I”?

Here are more nine patches.  That’s a good “go to” blocks when you want to work in a hurry.

I remember this one.  The fabrics are a Dr. Seuss fabric…”Horton hears a who” I think.  What a clever way to use up a small amount of scraps.

This one had cats in the center and more of shower curtain fabric.

That’s all for today.  I’ll get the rest of the quilt pictures put together and you can check them out in tonight’s post.

Thanks so much to Sandra and Cresco ladies for the quilt tops and thanks to Laurie and crew of the Everett from putting these all together.  I think your cause to give them to EMS so they can give them out in times of crisis is awesome.  You all know I have a soft spot for firemen.

3 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Everett Valley Quilter Edition”

  1. The Cresco Ladies are really something, to continually produce so many useful and cute quilts. It’s amazing what they can do with small pieces of fabric. The leftovers from your shower curtain are a great addition as well, Jo. Do you have any idea how many quilters are in that group?

  2. Such variety and SEW many quilts to distribute to children in need!! LOVE the teamwork that your charity quilt program fosters, Jo! I’ll be looking to see more of this collaborative effort.

  3. Laurie Williams

    The Everett Quilt Guild has 25 members. Last year we made 65 twin sized quilts for Clare’s Place, a local long term homeless shelter. It’s amazing what quilters can do. Thank you to the Cresco ladies who are an inspiration to us all.

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