Community Quilts: Everett Valley Quilter Edition #2

This is a continuation of this morning’s blog post.

These tops all came from Sandra and the Cresco ladies and were finished by Everett Valley Quilters.  Laurie is my contact and she writes:

I have finished the quilt tops you sent me from the Cresco, Iowa quilting ladies. I am forwarding the pictures to you. They will be donated to the Everett, Washington firefighters for distribution to kids who have suffered trauma. We put them on the fire trucks and in all the aid cars. We have been told so many heart warming stories of how these quilts have comforted children facing all types of stressful situations. I like to think of it as a hug when they most need one. Please let the Cresco ladies know how much their work is appreciated. Thank you.”

Laurie says they are looking for tops that are The best size is 40-44” x 50-60”…I’d say lapsized.  The Cresco ladies love making quilts that size so they are an awesome fit for each other.

Here is the next batch of quilts.  The Cresco ladies make this style regularly and it’s really a nice quilt.  I love the way the similar fabrics run in a diagonal.

This one is a crazy patch in quadrants….A great way to use up small scraps for sure.

This is oh so pretty in blues…
  I can’t remember if this was Anne of Green Gables fabric for the alternate blocks…something really cute is all I can remember.

Simple nine patches with coordinating borders….

Another nine patch.  I like the solid prints added in.

This I am guessing was a Debbie Mumm fabric.  Connie (my blog reader friend) and I were just talking about Debbie Mumm fabric the other day.  Raise your hand if you still have some in your stash!!  She was so popular.

More nine patch fun….

WoW….I am so impressed.  I sent these to Laurie at the end of February and they are all finished.  When I send quilts out to a new group, I never really know how quick or even if the quilts will get done.  Speed isn’t a top priority but I still never know what to expect.  This was perfect.

In a previous email Laurie wrote, “What we do is back them with really cute kid fabric, kid themed flannel, & fleece. That way they appeal to children. We are using what is donated too. The thrift stores have lots of fabric that we can use. Our goal this year is 150 quilts so this will help tremendously.

If you have tops and want to help their group reach that 150 goal, feel free to contact me and I can get you in touch with Laurie.

Thanks so much to Sandra and Laurie and the great ladies they work with.  So much good is coming from your efforts.  Another thanks to those who donate fabric and money to be used towards postage.  A blog reader asked if they could send money for postage via paypal.  Of course.  Here is my Paypal email.

Thanks so much to everyone!!

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