Community Quilts: Cresco Ladies

Those Cresco ladies are at it again….They notified me and said they had quilt tops done and said fabulous…I have fabric for you!  It works out great…by the time they get tops sewn, I have fabric for them.  So it’s a win-win for us both when they come to my house.  I thank you all so much for sending fabric my way so I can pass it on to them.  You also can always send it directly to them as well.  Here is Sandra’s contact info…
Sandra always tells me they are looking for batting or batting scraps.  They use anything including poly.

As you  know the ladies make a lot of quilts and donate them on to others to finish here on the blog but they also do a lot of quilts for local groups and fundraisers…so if you think they are busy making quilts that are donated through the blog, you’re wrong.  They are even busier.

Happily I have a another person who volunteered to longarm so some of these will get sent out to Jeanne….others will likely go to Karen who has recently had quilts featured here.

Ila…do you recognize the log cabin blocks? I think you sent these orphan blocks to me.

There were lots in the bag. The ladies just keep making them and making them.

Check out this one…

It’s a fun quilt put together with orphan blocks. The ladies are so creative.

Carver’s favorite was this one, in fact, he asked me if he could have it. I said no. He loves that it has Toy Story characters on it. I swear, fancy quilt or not, kids just love the fabric best.

There were more quilts in the back besides these. I just showed you a sampling. In truth the picture taking went like this… I let Rosie outside to do her business and then really quick I took pictures of as many tops as I could!! HA. If the tops are going on to finishers, I try to keep Rosie off of them.

If you’re quilt group is interested in finishing tops, please get in touch with me. I always have tops coming in that are looking for a home. If you have requested some in the past and I haven’t sent any, please contact me again. Your request is likely lost in my old email that I desperately need to sort through. This is the email address I answer the best,

A huge shout out to those who have donated goodies to the Cresco ladies and to Sandra and the Cresco ladies for all of their hard work.

P.S.  As I was writing this, Sandra called and said they had another bag of tops to drop off and would I be home.  Yep..I’m home.  So I’ll be writing another post soon about then next batch they made.  There is never a dull moment here!!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Cresco Ladies”

  1. Um…no. They could have been in some stuff that I sent. I used to be a “scrap destination” for anyone that had things that they didn’t love anymore. But they sure are cute now!

  2. I know where that horse block came from. lol So glad to see these scraps and blocks being used. I always have lots of batting scraps. I will start saving them.

  3. Lots of cute quilts!!! My 30 year old niece would love that pikachu quilt!!! LOL! That was her favorite stuffed animal growing up! Great job everyone!

  4. It’s great that all of you are sewing quilts for others! Scraps usually get thrown away from some. Now they can see what can be done.
    God bless!!

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