Community Quilts: Cresco Ladies Edition

OOPS.  I had a scheduling error.  I had a blog post ready for this morning but had moved it to a better time.  Then I forgot to write something for the Saturday morning time slot.

I had to smile when I read all of the comments after my blog post about trying to clean my garage.  It seems many of you are in the same situation.  It’s good to know I’m not the only one.

Well, earlier this week the Cresco Ladies came by.  They had two quilt tops they were happily donating to the fundraiser that I made the Iowa Hawkeyes quilt for.  It’s the benefit that is raising money for an all-inclusive playground in a neighboring town.  All-inclusive means that kids no matter their abilities would be able to find ways to play at the park…for example a swing that allows wheelchairs.

Here are the two quilts that they made, finished, and are donating.  This one is a pretty Christmasy quilt…

I just love the quilting motif that Donna chose.  It’s a holly leaf…just perfect for the quilt.  Donna is the longarmer for the Cresco Ladies quilt group.  YES…the do make and donate finished quilt tops too.  Those ladies are a force to be reconded with.

Here is the next…quilt.  It’s a great quilt that anyone is sure to love.  It’s a nice mix of neutrals that would work in almost anyone’s home.

Donna worked her magic on this one too.

These were both great quilts and I’m sure they will do well at the fundraiser!

When the Cresco Ladies came, they also brought three more bags of finished quilt tops.  You might remember a bit ago I said that I was waging war on my garage and was going to somehow get it clean.  Over the last week or so I’ve slowly tackled a few things.  All of the quilt tops had been sent out and I was caught up on getting them out.  When these came, I told myself.  Immediately.  All of these tops were going to come in the house, get sorted, and be mailed out immediately.

As long as I was sorting I decided to sort the mail too.  I’ve had several boxes of goodies come in.  I sorted it filling the bags the Cresco Ladies brought that had quilts in them.  I would hold this and give it to them the next time they came…I was so glad to have it all sorted!!

I did keep a few pieces…I think about six fat quarters in all.  I keep reminding myself that as I foster dogs, juggle grandkids, and have been cross-stitching regularly, I don’t get as much sewing done and if I don’t get as much sewing done, I need to not take in a lot more.  (Wasn’t that mature of me?  HA!)

I did keep out the embroidered blocks.  I’ll put them on the next postage auction.  Tentatively that will be February 25th.  Don’t hold me to it but I’m trying to get the garage cleaned and the auction stuff has to get under control or I won’t be able to call the garage clean.

That’s what I’ve been up to with the Cresco Ladies, the mail, quilt tops and cleaning the garage.  I’m so proud of myself for tackling all of it right away.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Cresco Ladies Edition”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    It is easier to just keep up on something then it is to play catch-up!! Well done!! Lovely quilts the Cresco ladies made!

  2. Yay for the Cresco ladies! I love them and don’t even know them. But they provide so many tops for us finishers! I’m sure there’s a special place in heaven waiting for them all!

  3. Those Cresco are such a great example to the rest of us.
    Love the second quilt. Does anyone know the name of the pattern?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I tried a Google Lens search but it didn’t come up. Could be because it searched by color as well as pattern and if the original wasn’t photographed in these colors then it won’t find it. I really like it. I think you could make the squares larger/smaller easily and it’s simple but looks like a lot of work.

  4. Wow those Cresco gals really make quilts! Such pretty quilts too. I’m wondering how many are part of that group, do you know? It is easy for somebody to say that it is easier to keep up than to catch up. Well, we all have the plan to do that, but then life happens. You do so much good for so many and really you are doing it the right way.

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