Community Quilts: Benefit Quilt For Parker

There is a young man in my community that was born with a disability that has forced him to undergo many surgeries and still life for him comes with day to day struggles.

Several people in our community came together and decided to put on a benefit to help Parker and his family.  Back in November when I was going through all the testing for my cancer, I was asked to donate a quilt.  As much as I wanted to help, I felt very stretched.  That’s when I remembered that I had a quilt top here that had been donated by Barbara.  I was intending on machine quilting it myself and then passing it on to one of my binders for them to donate.

I told my friend Carla that I would happily pass it on for the benefit for Parker if she would machine quilt it.  Carla said yes…and then we stalled out on the project.  Well the 26th, which is the day of the benefit, was fast approaching when Carla called and reminded me about it.  UGH.

I forgot.  So I got the bag together and one day Jean came to visit before she stopped at Carla’s to pick up a quilt Carla had done for her and I sent the bag with Jean to deliver to Carla.

A couple days later Carla called me and said the backing wasn’t big enough.  Oh Crap.  I went upstairs and found a piece I bought at an auction that was big enough and that evening pieced it together.  I called Carla and told her if she was passing through to pick it up.

A couple days later, Carla sent some pictures.  To be honest, I had forgotten what the quilt looked like.

Carla did a wonderful job on the quilt, don’t you think?

The pantograph she used was perfect.  Here’s a close up picture.

This is a great simple pattern to show off florals…just framed nine patches but how pretty.

Here’s a picture where you can see the quilting pantograph a little better.

As for the backing.  I grabbed this one and it actually looked very nice with the front.

The benefit is on the 26th here in Waucoma.  If you’re local, please come.  If you’re not, tell me what you’d like to bid on the quilt and I can place a bid for you and get the quilt to you.

I want to do a big shout out to Carla for doing the long arming on this.  She does a wonderful job.  Several blog readers have started having Carla do their long arming and have been very happy with her.  I know we’ve been so happy with all she’s done for us.  From custom work to pantos, she’s a talent and very prompt in her work.  You can find Carla’s contact info HERE.  You can find out info on Parker’s benefit HERE.

A big shout out to Barbara for donating the quilt top.  All of us here in Waucoma appreciate the help you’ve given to Parker and his family through the donation of your beautiful quilt top.

9 thoughts on “Community Quilts: Benefit Quilt For Parker”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    I would call that an elagant quilt indeed! Beautiful job and it will bring in lots of money for a needy family.

  2. Nancy Franzen, Parker Co-chair

    Thank you all for your generous donation. All of you ladies have a truly precious gift. The artistry that goes into your quilts is appreciated.

  3. It’s so Beautiful – whomever gets it will surely treasure it. You’re such an Amazing person Jo – with a fine community of sewers who reach out to others.

  4. Such a pretty quilt. The quilting is perfect! How nice of you and Carla to support Parker. I like that about small towns. Everyone pulls together, especially in hard times.

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