Community Quilts and News from Ray

I have some quilts to share with you today from Ray and some news…First the quilt.

Ray writes:
I wanted to share with you another quilt that I made from fabric donations that have been sent to me. The fabric for the top came from Tammye M. Her mother had a quilt shop before she passed from breast cancer. This fabric was too nice to be used for backing and since I am doing some piecing from time to time, I made this quilt.

The pattern is called Overnite Sensation and is a 3 yard quilt pattern. The light and dark versions of the same pattern make the perfect contrast and the pink sashing and border just sets everything off.

I figured the ladies were off to the beach for the day and would enjoy the seashell motif for the quilting. As fate would have it, one of the swimsuits is yellow with pink polka dots.

Doreen C sent me a lot of yardage that was yellow with pink polka dots. I have been using it now and then but HAD to use it for the backing of this quilt. Perfect!

I went with… bone thread on the front and yellow thread on the back.

My thanks to you, Tammye and Doreen for helping me put this awesome quilt together. Beachtime!!!”

Jo writing now...
You might remember that Ray’s church sponsors The Airing of the Quilts.  It’s a fundraiser to collect money for community projects in the Fort Myers area.  Ray’s church is very big into outreach with many of the funds from the Airing of the Quilts going into the community.  You can read the blog post about The Airing of the Quilts HERE.  Most of the quilts that were featured at the fundraiser were quilts that Ray finished with tops donated by blog readers.

Ray writes:
A GREAT BIG THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I can not thank all of you enough for your support in the finishing of quilts for the Love in a Blanket project at Saint Hilary’s Episcopal Church. The call went out this week that quilts and/or blankets were needed for foster kids in the Fort Myers area.

When I received the message, I started the wheels rolling.
Today from the proceeds of the Airing of the Quilts, Love in a Blanket was able to purchase 108 blankets and I got to drop them off to Amy with F K Your Diet food truck.

One of the owners grew up in the foster system. The “F K” is for foster kids as well as some awesome food. Thank you all for your support to make this donation possible.

Ray has other news to share.  He sent pictures of the QOV quilts that were presented.  Ray had a huge hand in getting these all together.  Kudos to you Ray.  They look awesome.

Isn’t that awesome!!  We definitely need more Rays in the world.  Not only does he work to finish the quilts but also helps organize fundraisers and then works to use the funds for the good of others.  Impressive Ray.  I just love hearing these heartwarming stories.  It makes me want to do more!!  Thanks for being the good in the world Ray.



12 thoughts on “Community Quilts and News from Ray”

  1. What beautiful quilts–and an even more beautiful heart!
    I hope that Ray and the church were unharmed in the recent hurricane–most of Fort Meyers no longer exists. I will keep them in my prayers!
    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for your concern. I am fine, no damage, just some shrubs that needed to be restacked. I live several miles inland. Saint Hilary’s is a block from the river. The Airing of the Quilts still has the trees but the canopy, shade will not be there.Most of the devistation was on Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island and Pine Island. Recovery will take years. The need is tremendous. Good news/bad news. Many have lost their homes and their posessions. Good news is that everyone is pitching in as they can. Manyare able to live in tents where their homes were because of the much milder weather we have down here than up north.

  2. Ray, you’ve outdone yourself! Thank you and thanks go to the many who have donated fabric to bless others.
    Love and Prayers

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Ray, I know how thrilled you are with the effort you put into “Airing of the Quilts” having produced such an amazing result. Thanks for all your hard work and those that helped you!

  4. Ray, thank you for all the work you do by finishing so many quilt tops. Thank you also to all the people who piece the tops, donate yardage and batting-many hands do indeed make the load lighter.

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