Community Quilts and Mail from Ray

It’s a Ray-Day.  That means Ray has sent me emails with goodies for me to share with you all.

Ray writes:
I received a very nice box in the mail today from Tammy W. in Johnson, NE. She wrote to me that she needed to purge all kinds of odds and ends. I told her to send them down. OMG!! I just love all the goodies that people purge.

There is a saying that goes something like: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, I hit the mother load. There was a big stack of red and blue fabrics which immediately went into the QOV box.

There was an adorable baby panel.

I found a small piece of coastal print fabric. You can never have too much coastal fabric in Florida. I found a couple of small UFO projects that can be finished. Yes, there were some smaller, odd pieces. I bagged them up to take to the lady that makes Christmas stockings for servicemen and women overseas. It is amazing what all she uses to create 1,000 stockings a year. Thank you, Tammy.

Ray has some finished quilts too.  He writes:

Ready for a story? You may recall that Arline H. in North Fort Myers, FL made two Mickey Mouse quilts and sent them to you. In turn, you sent them to me to long arm and donate. Since then Arline and I met and she handed off a bunch more quilts for me to long arm and donate. I have emailed you with info on the ones I have finished. One of the places I donate quilts is to Hope Healthcare which serves a lot of people here in southwest Florida. They are having a major fundraising event called Shine in October. Arline volunteers at Hope Chest Thrift Shop which is a part of Hope Healthcare. Arline made this beautiful quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s pattern, On Ringo Lake.

I just finished longarming and binding the quilt for the two of us to donate to Hope for the auction associated with the Shine event.

Arline provided the orange backing and the striped binding.

I selected an orange thread and the circle meander for the quilting.

The circles calm some of the busyness of the quilt. This is one gorgeous quilt!! I believe this to be a prime example of community quilting. My thanks to you and Arline for this quilt and to everyone for your continued support to make community quilts like this a reality.

Here is quilt #2.  Ray writes:
I needed something a bit different to long arm and I found this gem. Arline H. in North Fort Myers, FL made this top and sent it to me to finish and donate. I do love two-color quilts and I highly appreciate hand embroidery.

I have tried hand embroidery and I have yet to get my stitches to be even and look smooth. Arline is really good with hand embroidery as well as piecing. The embroidered blocks are absolutely adorable.

I decided on a simple stipple motif with white thread to minimize the quilting.

Arline supplied the red backing and the binding to complete the quilt. What a beautiful baby quilt!
My thanks to you for all you do to make the community quilting possible and to Arline, for all the tops she has made and sent to me

WOW…Ray and Arline make a great team don’t you think?  Great work you two!!  I hope to see more someday.  Thanks so much for your dedication to help others.


4 thoughts on “Community Quilts and Mail from Ray”

  1. Beautiful quilts for sure! Thanks Ray and Arline for your work and for donating to such worthy causes. Thanks, Jo, for sharing their work and all the others.

  2. I really love that red and white quilt. It is beautiful! I think it is wonderful that you all do this for charity. I am going to try to gather some of my things to send so they can be used instead of sitting around. Thanks so much for inspiring me1

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