Community Quilts and Mail from Ray

I have mail and quilts from Ray to share with you today…

Ray writes:
I got an early Christmas present in the mail from Julie H in CT.Lots of great stuff!! I will share the highlights with you.

First is a wonderful group of UFOs and some quilt patterns. The checkerboard blocks in the lower left will make a gorgeous quilt. To the right of that are some fun Halloween blocks to trim and assemble. Above that are some really small orange and white checkerboard blocks, Lots of small block patterns. Maybe I will learn some patience finishing them……

The first top is a hand-embroidered …butterfly top. The colors of the 6 butterflies are mind-blowing.It measures 24 x 32. I am almost positive I have some great butterfly fabric that I can use for a border to make it a bit larger.

Check out the wonderful X blocks. The colors are great. It measures 22 x 22. All I need to do is add some borders to make it grow, 

(This is a flashback to a couple of years ago when I first started finishing quilts. I got a lot of smaller quilts and was adding borders to them. I think adding borders is a great way to still do some piecing without all the detailed cutting and sewing.)

All you scrap lovers, check out this quilt. I have never seen a quilt with such tiny pieces. Some of them can’t be more than a quarter inch square. It reminds me of a quilt you made with small leftover triangles. This one measures 24 x 32 and lends itself to some border assistance.

The next top is more lap size at 35 x 45. Borders may or may not be in its future. Time will tell. However, it gives strip piecing a whole new definition. Zoom in on this picture to see all the small pieces that were sewn together to make the multicolored strips. Amazing!

Love the very interesting block pattern in this quilt top. What a wonderful way to use up a bunch of strips! looks like it would be pretty quick to piece. It measures 38 x 47.

Thank you, Julie.

I have a Christmas quilt top from Doreen C to share with you. Love this sweet little quilt that she made.

The little Chickadees are absolutely adorable in the red fabric. She used a square in a square pattern that works so well with these fabrics.

I decided to use a feather motif with white thread for the quilting. You just have to love those Chickadees.

I had a piece of dark solid red fabric for the backing but it needed an assist. I pulled some more holly fabric to make it work. The quilting really pops on the red backing.

My thanks to you, Doreen, and the backing contributors for another great Christmas quilt for the Holiday Bazaar.


One last quilt for the Holiday Bazaar.

I probably finished more quilts than I need but once I get on a roll, look out!! Lena E. from VA sent me this cute top just a few weeks ago and I just had to finish it for the bazaar.

When it came in, it was 29 x 29. A Little small but would still be a nice table topper. As I was putting away some Christmas fabric that I was done with, I saw the red and green paisley fabric I used for the border. I think it really makes the top that Lena sent stand out more and makes the quilt a more usable size at 37 x 37.

I went with the stipple motif in a light gold thread.

The border and backing came from Arline H. My thanks to you, Lena and Arline.

I can not say thank you enough for all everyone does to support community quilting.

Awesome work Ray.  All of the quilts look great.  I’m always so amazed when just the right donations come in to finish the projects perfectly.  I love the white poinsettia fabric on the last quilt.  It’s just perfect for that quilt!!  It just goes to show that sometimes we never know the impact our donations have.  Sometimes fabric you are no longer interested in just the fabric a finisher needs.

Many thanks to everyone who donated…and of course to you Ray for your wonderful work!

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts and Mail from Ray”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    What wonderful group of tops from Julie H in CT. That butterfly quilt is just beautiful!! Awesome finishes Ray. Thanks to each of you as well as Lena E and Arline.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Beautiful quilts! The chicadee quilt and the Christmas quilt are my favorites. Thanks to all of you who care and share.

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