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Before I get to today’s post:  Is there anyone willing to finish some quilt tops that is near or around New Franklin, OH?  I have someone who is finishing some quilt tops from UFO pieces I sent to her.  She can’t finish the quilt tops but would love for them to be finished and donated somewhere in her area.  (use the area loosely…like within 5 hours of there)  If you or know of a group that finishes quilts, please leave a comment in the comment section and I’ll get back to you.

Now on to today’s post.

Sandra was here a bit ago.  She’s from the Cresco Lady quilting group.  I had goodies for her and she had tops for me.  Typically Sandra has others with her and it’s a quick stop but today we got to chat a bit.

Of course, Sandra brought quilt tops…

Here is my favorite of the bunch.  I love the animal prints.  I’m sure this will be loved.

There’s a tag on the left of the quilt…it’s not sewn into the quilt.

This braid quilt was fun.  I’ve made braids and know a bit of work goes into them.

I really liked this oen.  What a fun use of purples.

There were lots of tops.

Sandra had told me there her grand daughter and her friends made two of the tops and they might be a little wonky as the sashing didn’t match up.  So I looked to see which one it might be.  I don’t think it’s this one…

I don’t think it’s this one…

It’s not this one.  This one is kitties and not sashing.

This one was pet-themed.  I should have taken a close-up picture.  The print was cute.

Applique pieces were attached to this one with the intent that the pieces could go in that center portion.

This one was asymmetrical and pet-themed.

This one was a crazy quilt…

This one used up a bunch of leftover half-square triangles.

Look…I think this one must be the one Sandra was talking about.  For 12-year-old sewing, this was great.  No need to appoligize.

This one was a redo of partical quilt top that was sent here some time ago.

There were also four top that were bundled that I didn’t take apart.

WOW…that was a lot of tops!!

I got a card from Elizabeth and she included some postage money along with her really cute card.  That was so appreciated as all of the tops I just showed will need a home.  I have a home for about half of them.  They are going to my local church where a few ladies do quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  The ones I’m sending will get a border added to them then tied.  I sent them batch before and they are almost done so these came just in time.  YAHOO!!

I almost forgot.  Sandra brought two boxes of already packaged quilts.  One was addressed to her cousin Cathy who is working to finish quilt tops.  Cathy had recently contacted me with some tops that she was working on…

I forgot to ask where she plans to donate them too…

I’ll do that next time…for now, know that she’s been busy getting them all together and finished.

I think that’s all for this post.

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  1. I have a hard time myself getting sashing to match up. It always looks slightly off to me. Any hints, advice, or suggestions on getting sashing to match?

  2. Great quilts. Even the one with wonky sashing is good, and will probably go unnoticed by the recipient. It is so great to hear of young gals learning to make quilts.

  3. I just checked where New Franklin OH is. She is just north of the OH Amish area. Maybe she could do some on-line checking for an Amish-Mennonite community or business who can help. I am thinking this because I have a sewing machine business near me who will take anything. Plus if she has children quilts, she might be able to find a Project Linus chapter who will finish the quilts.

  4. Holly in Indiana

    I am in Indiana within 5 and 1/2 hours if she wants to privately contact me. I have a son in Ohio who is a couple hours south of her. She is in the Cleveland area. Let me know. I will see him soon for graduations if she can get the items delivered.

  5. I love reading both yours and Kalissa’s blog. On her blog today she showed several pictures. One of them is of you and Georgie & Gannon reading books. I LOVE the red quilt behind the 3 of you in the chair. Is it the Brick House Pattern? Did you share the making of it on your blog? I don’t remember seeing it before. Is it made from recycled shirts? It is beautiful. Thank you both for sharing!

  6. Juanetti Yester

    I live about two hours Southwest of New Franklin, OH. I am willing to help finish some of the tops and get them donated.

    1. Hi Juanetti – I’m very interested in connecting! Let me know what works best for you! Thank you

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