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I got an email from Elane.  I had sent her some quilt tops from the Cresco ladies who make quilt tops.  Elane is a quilter with Lutheran World Relief.

Well-  Here’s the story… as I was sorting the tops from the Cresco ladies I notice that some were an “odd” size….not bad at all, just a little to big to be baby quilts but not quite big enough for a bed.  I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I thought about it for a day.  I really didn’t know of anyone who could use this size so I decided that I would look on the donation page listing that I made right here on the blog.  Find that HERE.

I read through the names and the items that the group was looking for.  I saw #10 was Elane.  I didn’t recall sending anything to Elane before and noticed that she was quilting with Lutheran World Relief.  I’ve made lots of quilts in the past for Lutheran World Relief and knew that our ladies make them close to 60″ x 80″.  Well some of these were 48″ x 64″…hmm.  That got me thinking that someone could easily put borders on these and they would size up to the size that is needed.  So I emailed Elane and asked if she was interested.  She was!!  YAHOO!!!

Elane writes, “This one I just had to take a little off the sides and add to the ends.”

I added small squares to the sides and large squares to the ends.

This one I added small squares all around. I love this one…
– I retired from the telephone company!!
”  (the center of the blocks have telephones!)This one I added squares to the sides and end (my quilt group likes squares!)

This one incorporated two tops.”

Great work Elane.  These are going to be great for Lutheran World Relief.  I’m so happy they are being supported.  If you’d like to know more about the Lutheran World Relief quilt project, you can learn more HERE.

Elane said she is working on more quilts…I can’t wait to see them!!  A big shout out to Sandra and the Cresco ladies who quilt….and to the many people who donated fabric to them.  It all starts with a single donation.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    The quit top with the American Indian panels was so lovely. Thanks to Elane and the Cresco ladies for their love and giving. Thank you Jo for this post.

  2. Thanks for showing the different charity quilts. I usually get ideas for quilt tops to make for a couple of the charities around where I live. Thanks to all for their sharing of time, fabric and talent.

  3. I quilt for LWR as well. And lots of fabric sent my way goes into mission quilts, 60 by 80. Our guild has gotten into the habit of cutting 10 1/2″ squares and 48 of them makes a perfect 60 by 80″ quilt. I’m the cutting and back maker at our guild while others tie the quilts and another pair arranges the blocks I cut into pleasing configurations. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am so happy that Elaine could use/reformat quilts we had sent Jo. It’s wonderful that the “scraps” and quilt tops we put together can be made for others. Sandy Wright Moore – 505 7th Ave E, Cresco, Iowa. 52136. 563-203-1207. P.S. If there is anyone who has usable scraps of batting that they would like to donate, we can always use them, too. MANY MANY THANKS.

  5. Thanks, Jo for sending us the odd-size quilt tops! I enjoyed adding borders and squares to get to the standard 60×80 for Lutheran World Relief.

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