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I have lots of apologies to write before I get to this post.  First off the email got lost and I didn’t get it.  Then I got it and it got buried…and now I have a couple pictures that won’t load!!  Ah.  It’s been a bugger of a post to get to you as the latest thing that happened was I had the WHOLE POST WRITTEN only to find a glitch in my blog program and the whole post didn’t save.  So this is the second time I’m written the same post.  Trust me, the life of a blogger isn’t always perfect recipes, amazing quilts, and good ideas.  It’s a lot of computer glitches and problems with things working smoothly….case in point, there are two pictures that were sent for this post that simply won’t load for me.  UGH.

But onto the quilts…these are from Linda.  She writes:
I have been making children’s quilts to be donated to cancer units of our local hospitals by members of KEYS, a group of musicians who visit the cancer units to entertain the patients there. 

I have mixed fabric gifts from others and my stash with your gifted fabrics to provide a wide variety of quilts to donate.

What fun colors a kiddos is certain to love.
Looks like a disappearing nine patch…right?

Oh look…Linda is a crumb quilter…see?

I never thought to do this with a panel….

What a fun use of directional fabric.

Orphan blocks make putting a top together quick!

More crazy quilting….Crumb style

I saved my favorite for last.  What a lot of fun to look at!!

Wow Linda…you have been busy!

Linda writes:
I am always happy to receive more donations as I hope to create at least another 12 quilts for this year.”

If you have any donations you’d like to pass along to Linda, please send an email to me and I’ll forward it on to her.  This is my email.

Thanks so much Linda…I’m so sorry I had trouble loading a couple of your pictures.

I pushed save about three times while writing this.  I didn’t want to write it a third time.  Oh my…what a day in blogging.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts”

  1. Those are cute, bright and joyous quilts. I’m sure they will be loved. Thanks for all your hard work Thanks for sharing.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Put everything into Jesus’s hands. It is so hard to go through times like this. I keep you in my prayers daily plus. These things will pass.

  3. Oh, those little lighthouse squares are so cute! Linda, these quilts are so fun, because there’s no obvious pattern to them. Hide and seek details to enjoy! Thank you for persevering and getting this post up, Jo!

  4. These are beautiful and will be so welcomed!
    I have to say they inspire me…I have so many orphan blocks and seeing how she has used them gives me some great ideas!
    Love and prayers

  5. Great quilts Linda, thanks for sharing with us all Jo. I really like the idea of cutting a panel apart and adding strips in between the pieces, so clever.

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