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Ronda and friends have been busy again.  I love seeing all that she’s up to.

Ronda writes:
The first quilt I have to show you is one you passed on to me from someone who sent it to you anonymously.  It’s a jelly roll pattern and measures  51 X 63.”

The backing came from Karen S. in Chino, California and the binding from Nikki in Virginia.  This one is going to the women’s shelter.”

The second quilt was sent to me from Diane O. in Michigan.  She also sent the pretty gray backing fabric.”
There was enough left after trimming up the quilt after it was quilted to use for the binding as well.  This quilt is 54 X 72 and will also go to the women’s shelter.”

On a side note Ronda wrote:
I also have crocheted a ton of hats and scarves and several blankets.  Recently, on the blog “Making Scrap Quilts from Stash”, Mary posted about the afghans she has been crocheting and shared a link to the free pattern.  (Here’s the link to Mary’s blog) I couldn’t resist!  I have made four of the Woodland Ripple afghans.  They are super fun and easy to make. I will donate some of those to the women’s shelter, along with the quilts.   Now it’s back to quilting.”

WOW…Impressive Ronda.  You are such a giving person.  It’s wonderful especially with all the horrible news about shootings and children left in cars to know that good is happening every day too.  Thanks Ronda and all the others who donate for being the good.

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  1. Thanks to Jo and Ronda for being such inspirations. The quilts are beautiful and will be appreciated by the receivers. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

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