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You might remember a bit ago Ray put out an SOS that he was interested in getting some patriotic quilt tops to finish. He works together with a group in his area to honor Veterans with quilts around the time of Veteran’s Day each year. Last year he cleared out all of the patriotic quilt tops he had and gifted them to veterans. This year, he wanted to honor them again so was calling for help from any blog readers who might have tops they were willing to share.

He got an amazing response.
Ray writes:

Shep M  from VA saw that I wanted some red/white/blue quilts and sent me a couple in the mail.

The first one could be considered a nine patch or a square in a square. The center square in all of the blocks is a very nice red/white/blue fabric. The borders around the center blocks are a wide variety of blues. Shep included some red fabric for the binding. I think some red quilting thread will have this one ready for a veteran. It measures 66 x 66.

The other quilt is made up of a wide variety of patriotic fabrics cut in 3.5-inch squares. This top had to have put a huge dent in the scrap stash. It measures 82 x 95.

Thank you Shep. Much appreciated.

Paulette H in WI surprised me with a box in the mail this week. She made this wonderful sampler style top and sent it to me to finish for a vet. I have never seen a sampler quilt made with larger size blocks. I like the idea and love the top. Paulette also included some red fabric for the binding. It measures 67 x 79.

Thanks, Paulette.

Adele A. in UT sent me 2 tops in the mail today. One is a veteran-related top and the other one is…. well you will see.

The veteran top is a red and white gingham top that is warm yet soothing to look at. Adele included some fun blue firework fabric for the backing as well as blue fabric for the binding. It will be all set with some blue thread. It measures 55 x 65.

The other top is made from Kaffe fabrics which we all know are bold and bright. This top is no exception. WOW!!! Adele included backing along with more Kaffe fabric for the binding. Love the BOLD!! It measures 64 x 80.

Thank you, Adele.

Your blog readers are totally awesome. I can not believe all the beautiful and creative red, white and blue quilts that have been received, and still more are on their way. This quilt is from Debra D in LA. She started with a center panel and then added bold borders along with some awesome stars to really make this quilt an eye-catcher. It measures 69 x 60. She also included red and white yardage to use for the backing.

Thank you Debra.

This is so awesome to see so many quilts sent to Ray. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! You all have such generous hearts!! I am so blessed to have such great blog readers.

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      1. Jo, I just commented that I couldn’t read the auction post or the friends and family one. The link you just posted doesn’t work for me either.

      2. Hi Jo, I’m also having problems with the auction post. I tried your link. It takes me to the same or similar page as what shows when I try to read the auction post. I see the time of Karen’s comment is about when I noticed the problem. Best of luck getting the problem fixed.

  1. Jo, been trying to catch up on blog ready from this week. There’s two posts I can not read. One is the friends and family and the other is the auction one. It is just garbled stuff. I tried a different browser and that doesn’t work. I guess you are aware by now but I didn’t see comments referencing it.

  2. I thought that the quilt from Paulette looked familiar. I think it’s a free pattern on the JoAnn Fabric website. Both Paulette and Ray did a beautiful job. Thanks for all that you do.

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