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Before I get to Ray’s quilts, I have this to share.  I recently got an email from a blog reader, Susan in Maryland.

She writes:
Hi, Jo… I have recently started reading your Blog…every day!  You do so many amazing things!!  I have the attached pictured flimsies, that I will more than likely not finish. They are all 4 Patch Posie blocks.  I would love to donate/send these to someone who will finish them & then send them off to be appreciated. The sizes are shown on each quilt. Are these too big?

If you know of one or two longarm quilters who would accept them, please send me their contact info. No POBox addresses, please.”


Here are the two pictures that Susan sent…There are seven quilts total.  I love all of the quilts that think they would make awesome kids quilts.  Right now, all of the longarms that volunteer with charity quilting are full of quilts…at least as far as I am aware.  Is there a blog reader who is part Project Linus group or a similar group that specializes in kids quilts that would like to finish these?  If so, drop me an email at and I will get you in touch with Susan.  She is willing to ship them directly to you.  These are such great tops.  It would be great to see them finished and in the hands of kids!  This is a great way to save on some postage money.  THANKS, Susan!!

Now to Ray’s post…
Ray was blessed with donations from a blog reader.  He was so excited about it and wrote to me about it…then later wrote something I could share with all of you.

Ray writes:
I received an email from Elizabeth B, in Lutz, FL telling me she is an avid blog reader of yours and needed to purge a large amount of quilting fabric. She asked if I was interested and of course I said YES. She was meeting friends today in Sarasota so I agreed to meet her there to pick up the goodies she had to share with me. She is a member of a guild that makes 36 x 36 blankets for an NCIU unit near Tampa so she has lots of juvenile fabrics. She is also preparing to sell her home so needs to do the cleanup/straighten up that Realtors ask for. She had three nice big boxes of items for me that I will share with you via pics.

The first is a beautiful Christmas top with backing. I do not know the pattern but it looks difficult to me. Love all the red/green/white fabrics in it. It measures 61 x 63 so will need to make sure I get it long-armed for the holidays.

Next, I found a bag with panels in it. Fifteen panels to be exact. I folded them so that you could get a teaser of all of them in one picture. Some are designed to be a center panel and others are set to be cut into blocks and then put together with sashing. It will be fun to see how these all turn out.

Then there was a nice package of Ginny Beyer fabrics to make something with, going to have to think some on that project.

Then there was all the neatly folded and ordered fabric in the three boxes. Glad she can not see my closet of fabric. No matter how hard I try to keep some semblance of order, it never lasts.

Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing so that more quilts can be made for those in need. Thank you Jo for creating such a wonderful quilting world of sharing and caring.”

Thanks a MILLION, Elizabeth for supporting Ray and the Community Quilt Project.  Your generosity will help many.

If you’re a churchgoer I’m sure you’ve heard many times that we all have something to give, time, talent, or money.  I am so glad that we have so many involved here…some giving time, some talent, and some money.  I so appreciate you all no matter how you give.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilting from Ray”

  1. I just love how Ray describes and voices his thanks for all that he receives. He’s gotta be a great guy!! Those panels look like fun.

  2. the person with the quilt top could google Project Linus and see if anything in her area comes ups. I do know that The Fiberology Shop ( in TN does a lot with Project Linus. Not sure if they only take finished quilt.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Oh talk about fabric heaven ! You have lots of fun ahead
    Ray. Lots of quilt ideas to play with and share. The other quilts tops are intriguing an fun. She might contact her localuthern church or other church ladies groups that do quilts.

  4. What beautiful fabric! Thank you to Elizabeth for her generosity! Ray, I know you’ll bring these beauties to life!
    Love and prayers

  5. Elizabeth how generous of you, and how wonderful that you and Ray could make a connection. All of those quilt tops from Susan are adorable and I’m so glad they have found a home.

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