Community Quilt Tops…

Sandra and Pat stopped by.  They are part of the Cresco ladies quilting group.

The brought quilts and quilt tops.  I’m sharing them with you today.

There were quite a few quilt tops in the bag.  I’ll start with this four patch top.

The next is an explosion of color!!

I’m just guessing but I think the ladies made this one first…

And used leftovers in th next top.  Notice that there are pieces of the above fabric in the center of the blocks in the top below…

Here is another four patch top.  They are a great way to use of small mismatched pieces.

The dark stripes in this one might look like the floor but it isn’t.

Here’s a smaller in size Trip Around the World.

This was a pretty one.  I almost thought it might be from a fabric line but then I didn’t think so.  I think the maker was just awesome at putting fabrics together.

The simple designed quilt you see below is always popular and a design that can never go wrong.

It was fun to see the quilt below.  I think I sent these fabric with the gals the last time they were here.  It’s hard to believe they already have it sewn into a top!!

This next one was bigger.  I loved the use of florals in this.

The last of the bunch was a butterfly quilt.  Simple but cute.

The gals also brought some tops that were sent to them.  The gals had filled all the places they donate to so didn’t have a spot to donate these tops to.  They ended up passing them on to me.  I’ll find a new home for them.  Here they are…

What a fun sampler.

This is a great way to use 2 1/2″ strips…so bright and cheery.

Here is a sweet tumbler quilt.  I’ve made a large tumbler quilt in the past…also made a mini table runner for under my computer keyboard.  They are always fun to make.

What a fun nine patch.  I love it!!

The last one is this cute clown quilt.  The quilt is so soft and cuddly.  The childcare kiddos saw this one and just squealed.  They wanted to keep it but I said no…someone needs it more than us.  It was a great lesson for them.

Last of all this was packaged together.  I’m thinking the tops was donated by Sue in Mn.  I didn’t unwrap it all afraid that I wouldn’t get the pieces all back together.  I’m saving the opening for the finisher.

The tops and quilts are all looking for a finisher.  I’ve got everyone busy that I know of…Many quilters take off some time from quilting over the summer so some of my regular finishers asked to wait for more tops until the fall.  That’s PERFECTLY fine.  I appreciate whenever I can get it…and I never want anyone to feel overwhelmed with quilt tops.

If you’re interested feel free to contact me.  You can leave a comment and I’ll get in contact with you from there.  THANKS.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilt Tops…”

  1. Those ladies sure do a great job working with donated fabric. The quilts are beautiful. I wish I did long arm quilting and I would help, but I don’t and that is why I have my own stack of quilts to be quilted. Great job by all!

  2. Mary Ann Harpe

    The jack-in-a-box quilt is a pattern I have. It was one of the first baby quilts I made. Mary Ann

  3. What a great influx of tops and quilts, Jo!! Thanks for the opportunity to help. I’ve still got a few to finish from the last (first) batch you sent. Once those are done, I would be happy to have you send more!

  4. Karin Callander

    Hey Jo, we will be back in town within a week, and, while I am still working on the last batch you sent, I have room and time for more! These will be awesome for the Fire/EMS station just down the road from our new house. Thanks so much!

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