Community Quilt Tops from the Cresco Ladies

I worked really hard, got through my mail, and then called the Cresso ladies to see if there were needing more fabric.  They were and quick as a wink, they were here and the fabric was gone.

But…it wasn’t quite that simple.  Sandra handed me a bag of quilt tops!!  I am seriously never caught up…and that’s okay. More mail has come in too!

Here are some, not all, of the tops Sandra and the Cresco ladies put together.  I loved this one.  Check out the sashing idea.  I love the “shadow” effect.

This next one was so cute.  The flowers are appliqued on with a blanket stitch.  So cute.

Gannon was here “helping” me as I was taking pictures.  I love the idea to “frame” orphan blocks to bring them to size and then sew the blocks together.  If you have orphan blocks you want to get rid of, I’m sure the ladies would gladly use them.

When I said that Gannon was “helping”…I didn’t really mean helping.  He wanted to check all of the quilts out.

Here is a wonky heart….

This one has a matching backing.

This was simple but nice.

I love showing these as many of you think that a community quilt needs to be super fancy….it doesn’t.  This is an eclectic Halloween quilt and it turned out cute.

The ladies make a lot of this style of top…I really like them.

This is an eye-spy quilt….

This one had a cute bunny fabric in the middle.  I love the floral grassy print around the center.  It looks like the bunnies are out playing in the grass.

You can never go wrong with a nine-patch…

…or a star quilt for that matter.

These are all getting packaged up and sent off to longarmers.  If you recently sent an email to me…expect a package soon.

Before I go, I want to take a minute and tell you about a couple of emails I’ve gotten recently related to the community quilt project.

From Peggy:
Hi Jo, wanted to thank you for introducing me to Sally Safranski (Holmen)…I dropped off approximately 25 or more quilt tops of various sizes a couple of months ago and decided to help her out by sewing denim quilts for her group…she passed a lot of my quilt tops along to various groups so I felt good that someone could finish them and give them to someone who could really appreciate them…I dropped off my first two denim quilts yesterday and picked up some more denim and fabric to make more…now that most of my canning/freezing is done I should have time to sew up a few more! ”

That note sure made me happy.  I often think that those of you who are reading the blog think that you see everything that is going on with the charity quilt project.  Sadly, not even I see it all.  Peggy had contacted me some time ago.  I never knew that Peggy and Sally connected.  I never knew that Peggy is now helping out Denim Quilts.  That makes my heart so happy!!

Here is another email that made my heart happy:  “I am Margaret from Ft Wayne, IN, and follow your blog- saw the request for batting for Virginia.  I sent her a check.  She mentioned I was the third person to contact her.  God must save big hearts for quilters.

Thank you all so much.  I love it when people help people.  Virginia volunteered to finish some quilt tops and then ran out of batting.  She needed some and several of you jumped in and helped.  Thank you, thank you.  By helping her you helped me and the people who get the quilt.  I’m sure Virginia will finish more tops in the future because of your help.

Virginia contacted me too and said that she had gotten several donations and thanked all of you who helped her.  She’s ready to get the next quilt top going!!

When I think of all of you who help with the quilts, I always think of this Mr. Rogers quote….

Why Mister Rogers' Plea To 'Look For The Helpers' Still Resonates Today | HuffPost Life

So true.  Thank you all for being the helpers.


8 thoughts on “Community Quilt Tops from the Cresco Ladies”

  1. It is always our pleasure to make quilts for the “communities” – and we have FUN. Lately we were gifted with some large flower fabrics, and have been using them in Big Block Quilts. Have been using patterns found in the Easy Peasy books and on-line. If anyone has a favorite, let us know….it may become our next quilt. Thanks again to all the folks who have donated to our quilt making. We really do appreciate everything that comes our way. Our quilts are donated to charities in the USA, our tri-county area, and through Jo to folks who finish them for their own charity or communities. We recently were excited to donate more than 40 quilts to flood victims in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa areas. It makes our hearts sing to know what we produce is appreciated. The Cresco Ladies – Community Quilters

  2. Can you share some information about the denim quilts project? My husband wears out the fronts of his jeans but the back of the legs are in good shape; have a growing stack of denim.

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