Community Quilt: Ray’s on a Roll

My email has been loaded with quilt tops that Ray has finished.  So today is your lucky day blog readers.  I’m giving you a double shot of project from Ray.  One dose tonight and another later in the week.  It’s so awesome that he’s teamed up with us to finish so many amazing quilts for Project Linus.

Here is the top I sent Ray:

Ray writes:
I finished another quilt from Joann. It is such a pretty, fun quilt. Just love it. When I got it, it was 38 x 38. Too small for Project Linus.”

I found a brown print that I think sets off the top.
I also found the backing that also pulled in many of the  colors in the top. A quick stipple stitch and you have another quilt that will make a child happy via Project Linus.”

Many thanks to you and Joann for sending the top my way to complete.”

Here is the second quilt Ray sent…
This is the quilt top I sent.

Ray writes:
This is one of the quilt tops from the Cresco ladies. They do an excellent job of piecing. I was not sure about using the quilt pattern of the hearts, but the quilt kept calling out to me to use the pattern. Their rows are so very straight. I still have some learning to do on drag and drop as I progress down on the quilt rows. I really love how it turned out.”

The top was 42 x 45 when I got it so I needed to add a border to get it up to Project Linus minimum. I found the polka dot fabric to use which happened to be very close to the same red as in the border that the Cresco ladies used. The red backing came from Shirley in Nevada.”

I added the gray piece in the backing to get it big enough to quilt. Nothing like a group effort to create a great quilt.”

I just love this last quilt.  How fun that the work and donations of so many made this quilt happen.  It really goes to show that a lot of small efforts can turn into a something big and nice.  Thanks so much to everyone who works at making these community quilts so awesome!!  A huge shout out to Ray for adding the final touches to bring the efforts together.



8 thoughts on “Community Quilt: Ray’s on a Roll”

  1. It’s nice to see the completed quilts that are going to different charities. I get many ideas for quilts from the quilts shown. Thanks to all for sharing.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    That young man has a great eye for color and fun. Well done Ray. Thank you ho for posting these. That red quilt from the Cresco ladies is well done

  3. Sure agree Ray has a good eye for color coordinating and putting the final touches on these quilt tops. What fun to see the results! Glad Ray is in the mix.

  4. Ray is an excellent long arm quilter…. proud to have him do some of my quilts…. and happy they’re getting distributed in Florida. WTG.

  5. Great job everyone! That last quilt is adorable and the heart quilting is perfect! Between Ray and Rhonda there’s a lot of donation quilts getting finished!

  6. How wonderful to see more of Rays quilts and what a great eye for color to finish them off. Its so nice to see so many join together and make it happen for those in need.

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