Community Quilt from Virginia and a French Connection

I got a quilt finish in from Virginia.  I want to thank those of you who sent batting Virginia’s way so she could finish a few community quilt tops.

Virginia writes:

“I finally got the quilt done that was from Deb in Wisconsin.

Just in case Deb notices that the corners are different I thought I should explain…
When it arrived I think I may have snipped it while opening the package (see photo below). Whatever the case a chunk of a corner was cut so using my stash I redid the 4 corners to fix and match.

The batting is one donated by one of your wonderful followers. Blessings – you know who you are!

My phone died shortly before Christmas. It took a while for a new one to be delivered and get it up and running. Then it took a while for me to figure out how to use it – still learning.  

If it’s okay with you, when I get future quilts done I’d like to share them with you because I want the wonderful gals who have SO generously supplied me with battings so I can get quilts done, to be able to see the end results. Big quilts (twin size and bigger) generally go to families who have had a tragedy, like a home fire. The smaller quilts go to one of 3 places – hospice, Project Linus, or the crisis center. 

Thanks for ALL you do Jo and again, thanks to all the quilters who helped me out with batting!

Wonderful.  I love the fix, Virginia.  It was very creative and a great save!!  We’d all love to see what you do with the remaining batting you have.

Before I go I wanted to leave this here.
I recently got an email from Eve in France.

She writes:

I’m French. Excuse my bad English.

I volunteer in my library’s city. I take hand quilting to a small group of women (they don’t own a sewing machine)

We have a plan to make quilts for Telethon 2021. But we are running out of fabrics. Do you think some people would agree to send fabric overseas?

I can pay for the USPS postage.

These quilts would be sold for the telethon in December 2021.

Thank you.”

I wrote back to Eve and asked her send some pictures of what they are doing.  She sent these…

I am going to leave Eve’s email here.  If you are interested in learning more about their project or how you can help, please email Eve.

Eve wrote back and this is mostly what they are looking for:
“I’m a librarian in a small French town. Because of covid-19, we are on lockdown from 6 P.M to 6 A.M. Our small group of women to learn to sew met with 2 or 3 people at the same time. To learn to sew we need scraps fabrics and white or creme background.”

Does anyone have goodies you might be willing to share with Eve and her group?

9 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Virginia and a French Connection”

      1. YES, please do contact Eve directly. I do not provide people’s physical addresses due to privacy. I only ever provide email addresses.

  1. I live in The Netherlands and I’m afraid it would be quite expensive to send fabric to France.
    It would cost more than the fabric is worth because it is much cheaper in the USA

  2. Hi,
    I am French and I am not too sure if Eve knows that over a certain amount of the value of the content of the package (45 € in France or 54 US$), she will have to pay tax. So for you ladies that wish to send her some bits of fabrics, it would be good to specify that it is a gift and if you have to indicate a value, that it is less than 54$ (transport fees included).
    Wishes, on this side of the ocean!!!

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