Community quilt from Sally in Oregon and Cheryl in Dallas

I have a quilt to share with you today from Sally and Cheryl.

Cheryl writes:
Your blog readers constantly amaze me at the quality of the work they put into the quilt tops they donate for good causes.  The latest top I received from you is yet another example of . . . well, a FABULOUS quilt.  It was made by Sally in Oregon.


Just look at this top.  I was quite intimidated by it and thought about forwarding it to volunteer quilter Laura so she could do custom quilting.  But, then I put on my Big Longarm Quilter Pants and decided you sent the quilt top to me and I should accept the challenge to finish it.


Just look at all the machine embroidery motifs in this top border.  Sally in Oregon created a masterpiece.  I hope she will write a few comments about how this quilt came to be.  It’s unbelievable.

Here are some close-ups of the embroidery on the border.  Each one is different.  Which is your favorite?

Motif #1:


Motif #2.


Motif #3.

Motif #4.

Motif #5.


I think my favorite is #1-#5.  I just can’t pick a favorite child!

I don’t know how to quilt — I just depend on the longarm computer to stitch these complicated patterns.  I wanted to keep the quilting simple, hoping it wouldn’t even be noticed in Sally’s detailed beauty.  I finally settled on a very large Continuous Baptist Fan.  This pattern was designed by Hermione Agee and is available at

The stitching is wide apart and very simple.

Here you can see the center of the quilt.

Quilt Assistant points out that the end of the quilt is coming up.  Thanks, Libe!

I can’t believe this happened.  It’s as though I played “batting chicken,” but it was strictly coincidence there was 1/2 inch of excess batting at the end of the quilt.  I did a little quilt dance when I saw that.


Enough of the process already.  The final reveal in… a Dallas backyard:

The quilt finished at 80” x 101”, which will fit a full-size bed.  I finished the quilt with a binding cut from the fabric Sally included with the top.  

The backing is made of a blue sheet and a white sheet from Thrift Giant’s 50% off sale.  Yes, I used sheets for backing.  But, between us, there are no quilt police so I don’t mind confessing this.


When it comes to backings, my motto is “Simple.  Quick.  Easy.  Next Quilt!”


I thought I’d let you see how the individual embroidered pieces turned out after the quilting:

Sally’s quilt is going to the Christian Women’s Connection in Gainesville, Florida.  It will be the star of the annual Quarter Action in the fall.  In this event, the ladies bid a quarter for the chance to win a (very nice) prize.  The quilts I contribute usually get the most attention and EVERYONE at the luncheon puts in their quarter.  I will include a label on the quilt with Sally’s name and my name and best wishes for the auction winner.

I can hardly wait to see what’s in the queue for the next community quilt.  Your quilt friends are the best!  Thanks to Sally for contributing this future heirloom.”

WOW!!  Great work ladies.  This turned out so great and I’m sure as Cheryl said, will be popular at the upcoming annual event.  Many thanks to Cheryl for her time and expertise…and Sally, WOW, what a pretty quilt you donated.


11 thoughts on “Community quilt from Sally in Oregon and Cheryl in Dallas”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    WOW!!!!!! What a gorgeous quilt!!! When I think of the hours of embroidery work done even if it was by machine. Makes it priceless. Very excellent work ladies and the Baptist fan pattern accentuates the embroidery.

  2. Thank you Sally and Cheryl for all you both did to make this beautiful quilt. Very lucky is the winner of this masterpiece.

  3. Sally from Oregon

    Hello Jo I have donated material to you but I didn’t donated this quilt, maybe part of the material. I know there is a another quilter in Salem, name Sally M just like me. But when I donated I always use Sally in Oregon. I just want to make sure the credit goes to the right person. thanks
    the quilt is beautiful and love the embroidery.

    1. I am guessing this came from some from Oregon named Sally…not particularly “Sally from Oregon”. Does that make sense? I’m sure Cheryl or looked at the package, saw is was from Sally and from Oregon and just put the two together ourselves…Make sense? Thanks for clarifying.

  4. I would love to know what pattern she used for the embroidery. I have been looking for a embroidery quilt that would inspire me to get back into machine embroidery and this one inspired me. Thank you Sally!!

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