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Do you all remember the missing mail I had a month or more ago…the mail from Julie with the cute quilt tops in it?  Well we solved the mystery.  I had sent them to Ray and now Ray is finished with them!!

Ray writes:

Just finished another of the 3 quilts from Julie. Hopefully I will get the 3rd one to you later this week. I got to longarm a BIG 100 x 100 string quilt for a customer this week.

This was an interesting quilt. I had never seen this pattern before.

Loved the feathers and the fabrics. The patterns in the fabrics and the light green background gave it an outdoorsy look. I found the brown backing in a group of fabrics that Shirley from Nevada sent me. There was not quite enough for the entire back but  I could supplement it with the leaf fabric from my stash, The brown fabric really pulled out the brown in the feather spines.

I found the dragonfly pattern for the quilting which just seemed to set it off.

Thanks to Julie, Shirley and Jo for another successful community quilt completion and another smile on the face of a future recipient.”

The second quilt was also from Julie….Ray writes:
Julie sent you 3 quilts that you forwarded to me. This is the third of the three to be finished.

It is a very modern quilt. There are diamond shapes in the quilts but they remind me of fish.  Art is what you see, if I remember my art classes in college right. The design was so strong, it could stand by itself.

I decided to use a large, soft circular pattern with white thread on the top and black thread on the back.

I found some black and red backing left from a previous quilt and pieced in some red to make the back large enough, This quilt was a bit bigger than some at 60 x 70. I like how it all came together.

Thanks Jo and Julie for the top and the opportunity to create another quilt for a great charitable cause.”

WOW…I’m so glad the mystery of the missing quilt tops is COMPLETELY over as not only were they found, they were FINISHED too!  Thanks so much Julie and to Ray too.  Also thanks to Nancy who sent backing fabric!!  It’s awesome to have two more quilts on their way to those in need.

10 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Ray”

  1. Ray is doing a great job with the quilts! I like your new header and the other updates Kayla has done with your blog. Would you please select a larger size for the font though? It seems like the new blogger format has a smaller sized ‘normal’ font and it can be rather challenging to read without squinting. Thank you! Happy stitching!

  2. So much LOVE in our community of quilters!! Thanks for all the work and donations from our bloggers, quilters and readers!! You are ALL Spectacular!!! Hugs from South Carolina! <3

  3. I’m pretty sure both the quilts are from the Fat Quarter Shop’s monthly subscription boxes.

    The banana leaves were from October and the other one was from August. It’s great to see them finished.

  4. I love that Ray gives a light touch with his quilting motifs and lets the quilt design shine, rather than bury it with too much thread and intense, overlapping motifs. His work is light hearted and fun, which is so important when working with childrens’ quilts. It’s such a pleasure to see all the love going on in this project!!

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