Community Quilt from Ray

I have more community quilts coming in and I’m so happy to be sharing them with you.  Today’s edition comes to you via Ray.

He writes:
I just put the binding on this quilt that was created by the Cresco ladies. It is a beautiful, colorful 9 patch quilt.

They held nothing back in putting color to this quilt. Love it. I found some fabric from Pat K. in FL to use for the backing which added another level of color.

With all the colors and patterns in this quilt, I decided to go with the butterfly motif and plain old white thread.

 There was no way quilting was going to be able to begin to compete with these fabrics. My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, and Pat for contributing the color to make this exciting quilt to be donated.

The next quilt is also from…
Ray and the Cresco ladies.  Ray writes:

I needed to get caught up on binding quilts that I had long-armed and set aside. I can’t let myself get into that bad habit. Yes, this is another wonderful quilt from the Cresco ladies.

This one is a 4 patch pattern. I dearly love the little Spring bunny blocks. The pastel striped sashing and borders are saying Spring is around the corner. I know that is tough up there where you are having record cold. The pink backing came with this top.

I decided it needed to spread a little more love with the heart motif and pink thread. Cute, cute cute.

Thanks to you and the Cresco ladies for sending this quilt my way to complete and donate. I am positive it will but a smile on someone’s face.”

These all turned out great.  Much love went into these and I hope the recipients can feel it!

I think we all can relate to knowing we need to keep up with binding and how quickly it can get out of hand if we don’t work to keep up with it.  Why not give Ray some support to let him know he’s not alone.  In the comment section please leave a comment and tell how many quilts you have that need to be bound.


19 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Ray”

  1. Two more beautiful quilt finishes. The Cresco ladies certainly know how to turn simple blocks into lovely quilts and your quilting patterns, so thoughtfully chosen, bring those flimsies to life. I like the way you match the backings to each quilt. Well done, Ray, you’re doing sterling work…… Which I think you are enjoying very much!

  2. Such beautiful quilts from Ray and the Cresco Ladies as usual. Absolutely love the little Spring bunnies. Ray , you are on a roll and your quilting is fabulous!!! Hope everyone is starting to enjoy this weather !!

  3. Beautiful quilts and I really like the heart quilting motif. Thanks to all for your donation of time and materials for some very fortunate recipient.

  4. I really enjoy how Ray describes each quilt so vividly and the effort he puts into finding just the right words, quilting pattern, backing…everything! Binding is my least favorite step. I have a small pile to bind.

  5. Such lovely quilts will surely bring a special smile to someone’s face! Ray you do such an outstanding job selecting backings and designs for quilting! And your descriptions and as well a so many pictures! Great job everyone!

  6. I’ve been machine stitching the binding on both sides of the quilt so it doesn’t take so long and they get out the door. Stitch binding on the back first then flip it over and stitch it on the front. I don’t worry about where the seam hits on the back.
    Beautiful work Ray.

    1. Teri and other readers, I always machine bind both sides. So much more secure especially for donated and charity quilts!

  7. Ray does beautiful work and at one time last year I had 8 quilts to bind. I used to enjoy binding. Right now I have a king size Log Cabin waiting for binding and I need to bring my machine onto the island to sew it as it’s just too big and heavy for my regular sewing space. I love the motifs that Ray does on the quilts, he seems to get the motifs and thread color just right every time. Thanks Ray for all your work.

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Ray, I wish i had all my topsjust needing to be bound. Getting them quilted is the hard part for me with any thing bigger than twin size. I have finally figured out how to quit sections and put them together. I enjoy seeing what you do and reading your explanations

  9. Cheryl in Dallas

    Hey Ray,

    I have -0- quilts that need to have binding. I’m not bragging. I’m so slow that I decided I can’t let my quilt projects stack up because I might die of old age before I “felt” like binding a big stack of quilts. So, as the quilt is running through the longarm, I cut out and sew and press and fold the binding. Then the binding is a constant reminder that I have to get to it next. The process runs well now that I’m used to it.

    Labels — that’s my nemesis. I make and attach them with much grumbling and muttering. I need a Label Fairy. . .

  10. i have about 8 charity quilts that are bound on one side and still have to be sewn down.
    Then 20 or so to quilt. I do charity quilting with my mother in law who is 83.
    She makes the quilts and I do the rest.
    She still loves to sew and even though she takes her time it is amazing how many quilts she gets made.
    Twin size and smaller.
    I have trouble finding cheap backing fabric for them all.

    Keep up the excellent work Ray. I admire your diligence.

    Anne in The Netherlands

  11. I don’t have any that are waiting for binding, but then I don’t make as many quilts as many of you! I try to make my binding before I quilt so I can bind right away and have a finish! I also machine sew my binding on.

  12. Great quilts, Ray. Wish I could do that. We have 4 or 5 charity quilts at the church to finish. We machine sew the binding on, but weather has not co-operated. Our binding gal lives down in the country about 30 miles away. She did take 20 some quilts to Rapid and discovered another place for them. They will also take our baby quilts. Our quilts are made by a gal who is 88. She makes our quilt tops and we tie them. She also makes our baby quilts from beginning to end and she also ties these. Any fabric pieces that are too stiff or tough become dog/cat pillows for the pound. All of our tiny scraps become fill for the pillows! We have sent about 1500 pillows to the pound in Rapid City. One gal just took up 25 more. There are about 7 or 8 of us who get together on Wednesdays to do these projects.

  13. Beautiful finishes on all the quilts, Ray! You know how to make them so nicely finished, details like the right fabrics to add, bindings and fabric backs the design to use when quilting and the just right thread as well! Whomever gets the quilts you donate, I am sure they will understand the love given with them as well!!

  14. Cyndi in Southwest Iowa

    Ray, I have several that have the binding on the front, just waiting to be stitched to the back on my regular sewing machine.

    At a long-arm quilting workshop I learned how to stitch the binding to the front of the quilt WHILE IT IS STILL LOADED ON THE LONGARM FRAME, using the Longarm machine. I have determined THIS is the way for me to go. I even just follow the edge of the quilt and binding wirh my sewing scissors to CUT the quilt off of the frame, and if the quilt was square going on, it barely needs any touch-up “squaring up” before I flip it to the back and stitch the binding down, (top of quilt facing up.) I’ve gotten pretty good at this and it saves me a pile of time.

    I so enjoy reading about these charity quilts- it inspires me to stay with it!

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