Community Quilt from Ray and Donna

Ray is on a roll.  He’s finished so many quilts lately.  YAHOO!!  I also have quilts from Donna who is also on a roll.  Seriously, finished quilt tops are rolling in!!

Ray writes:

Just finished another beautiful quilt.

This one came from Barbara in GA. The top was 35 x 44 and I wanted to add a border to make it a bit larger. I found the red fabrics in my stash and liked the look to make it 45 x 54.

The backing came from Linda W. in NY.

I used a red thread with the daisy pattern for the quilting. I love the way it turned out.

 Who says charm squares don’t make a wonderful quilt? Many thanks to Jo, Barbara, and Linda for your contributions to brighten up someone’s day. Now to put it in the donation pile.

I just finished this lovely quilt top pieced by Gayle.

I love the color choices and the pattern she used. It is so warm and cheery. She also did a superb job with the piecing. I decided to go with the butterfly pattern in burnt orange color. There were so many florals on the front and back already. The butterflies on the backing are hard to see but add to the floral print on the back. The backing came from Linda W. in NY. Thanks to Jo, Gayle, and Linda for your contributions so I can donate this quilt to Hope Healthcare for one of their many patients.

Donna has two quilts finished too…

She writes:

Here is the update on my progress with the quilt tops that you sent. Both will be donated to CASA, our local women’s abuse shelter in Citrus County, FL.

This great scrappy 9 patch was quilted with random Orange Peel stitching in the center and a meander in the borders.

I was lucky enough to have been given the exact fabric as the red sashing that was used in this quilt top, as well as, a great small floral print that complemented the floral pattern used in the blocks.  

The other 9 patch was quilted with Curly Q’s over the squares and a simple meander for the border.  I used an ecru color thread for the top and a copper color for the backing. I really like the backing fabric and how it shows off the Curly Q’s. 

Donna didn’t say and I don’t remember for sure but I think these two tops were made by the Cresco ladies.  Great quilts by both Donna and Ray who happen to both be from Florida!

WOW…I often see these quilt tops when they come in and as I’m taking pictures and sorting, I always think, “how would I finish this quilt?”.  Ray and Donna have done better than anything I could imagine!  Thanks, Ray and Donna, and thanks to the others who make the tops and donated.

P.S.  I’m with Ray and think plain charm square quilts are definitely underrated.


8 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Ray and Donna”

  1. This joscountryjunction gave me a lot of Idea for a quilt . I had been looking for a quilt that I could use my 5″ squares on. Loved all the suggestion that were given. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you for sharing the quilting on the quilts. Yes, these two are from the Cresco ladies.
    Today, I will be quilting the last two that you sent, then I will be all caught up.
    Ready for more tops whenever you are ready to send some.
    Have a pleasant Sunday and a great week.

  3. Ray and Donna just enhance each quilt top as they make choices of fabric for borders, backings and bindings and then the quilting pattern Kudos to you both and many thanks to all the others who had a hand in each quilt. We can say “it takes a village to make a quilt”.

  4. I also quilting to keep mentally healthy. I use old singers often for piecing and noticed the photo of you with singer but I do not recognize it. Is it a commercial machine? What machine you use to do your quilting

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