Community Quilt from Ray

Ray has been so busy…He has more quilts to share with us.

Ray writes:

Just put the finishing touches on another quilt. This top came from Beth L. in Destin, FL.

Here it is finished.
A few months ago now, you put out the word that I needed assistance with creating a stash of fabric to use for borders and backing. Beth stepped forward and sent me a big box with a wide assortment of fabrics as well as this top. Every time I look at it, the top says, “Hello, I am from Florida.” Such beautiful and assorted blues and the piano key border. The pieced backing comes from two of your readers, Beth L, and Shirley S. in Carson City, Nevada.

After a bit of deliberation, I decided to use a floral pattern to reinforce the flowers in the fabrics.

Wow, what a wonderful quilt to be added to the pile of quilts to be donated.”

Many thanks to Jo, Beth, and Shirley for your contributions to a vibrant community quilt.

Attached are pics of the latest Stoney M. quilt that I just finished….

This is the last of a group she sent earlier.

I received another group late last week so it will be a while before I get to the new ones. Something to look forward to. Stoney has a wonderful way of selecting colors and patterns that let the quilts talk for themselves. I have not tried the recipes on the quilts but they do sound good. Stoney also sent the print backing. There was not quite enough so I found some solid yellow to supplement.

I used a stipple quilt pattern and opened it up a lot so as not to take away from the quilt pattern in the material. I just love how it all came together.

I have a treat for you…a triple shot with three quilts
today.  I have another from Ray…

I just finished up a quilt. Surprise, it is a quilt top that I actually completed in the Spring. Last spring I decided I wanted to try making something with batiks that were small and quick. I came across a pattern called Yellow Brick Road. Found some fat quarter batiks and made the quilt.

Yes, I do sew quilt tops from time to time. After I finished the top I decided it was too small for the community quilts that I normally complete. I looked around and found the material for the border and got it to a size I liked.

Then in the stash, I received from A lady in Florida, I found the orange backing fabric.
Once I got it on the longarm, I had trouble deciding how to quilt it, I finally decided on a bubble pattern to make it look more like water with all of the blues in it.

I used white thread on the top and got daring with a “red” thread on the back. I really like how it all turned out.”

Thanks so much Ray..and thanks to all the helpers along the way.  I always feel like the helpers along the way don’t get enough recognition but all the longarmers tell me time and time again how much they appreciate all of you…and congrats Ray on getting some piecing time!!


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