Community Quilt from Lori

I was excited to see this quilt come in.  I remembered it from when it came in the mail to me.  I sent it off to Lori who finishes twin-sized quilts for Sharehouse a local facility that helps people fight addiction.

Lori writes:

This quilt top came from Carol in Arizona and it was very nicely pieced, look at the nice seams and star points!

 I used Glide thread – German Granit on the top and Glide in the bobbin as well.

I think it blended nicely with all the bright colors. My quilting design was “pipeline e2e”.

Carol used beautiful quilt shop quality fabric which was wonderful to work with.

I think this quilt is stunning…. Thank you, Carol! And thank you Jo for forwarding this top on to me.


Look at that pretty border.


I used a stripe backing fabric and plain purple for the binding, which I had in my stash.



Thanks so much for your work Lori and to Carol for donating the top.  If I am guessing correctly, I think this is Bonnie Hunter’s Grand Illusion pattern.  It was a mystery from a couple of years ago.

I love how Carol really made this quilt her own by not making it scrappy.  Each of the prints is the exact same only in a different colorway!!  How fun.

Here is the second quilt Lori finished….

Lori writes:
This is a quilt top that you sent to me that was made by Peggy in SC.

It has nice quilt shop quality fabric, I think you mentioned it might be Sandy Gervais fabric?

I used a gold “Glide” thread, and maple leaf e2e design for the quilting.
This fabric has beautiful fall colors and if you look closely two different plain background fabrics were used.  I love the very very subtle effect of the background fabrics, not sure if Peggy planned that or not, but I always say when you run out of a fabric, that is a good time to use your creativity.

I added green borders to the top and bottom of the quilt top and used that same green for the binding.  I used several gold fabrics that I had in my stash for the backing.

Thank you to Peggy and Jo for helping to make this donation to Sharehouse possible.

Someone at Sharehouse will love getting these beautiful quilts.  Sharehouse is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center.

This quilt is the garlic knot quilt that I wrote a whole blog post about.  You can check it out HERE if you missed it.  The post was a fun one about all of the different options for garlic knot blocks.

Thanks so much to Peggy for donating the top and of course to Lori.

What pretty quilts.  It’s so awesome that they are finished and going to a good cause!!  As always, if you are someone interested in finishing quilt tops, let me know.  I get them all of the time and would be happy to support your charity with a quilt top.  You can contact me at if you’re interested.   Thanks!!






6 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Lori”

  1. What beautiful quilt tops and then to be finished with such complimentary designs and thread. Great finish ladies and generous.

  2. I like the garlic knots colors and layout it took a bit until I figured it’s a four patch with spectacular layout. Both quilts are beautiful.

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