Community Quilt from Lori and Patty

When I switched to encouraging quilt top donators to send tops directly to the finishers I worried that some finishers wouldn’t get as many tops.  That has proved to be a bit try for Cheryl and Lori who only take tops that are twin sized or larger.  I was so happy to get this email from Lori and Patty.

Lori writes:

“Patty K. contacted me to see if I was interested in putting these blocks together for a quilt.  Patty included the Missouri Star pattern that she used.

The fabrics used in the blocks were from a specific fabric line.  I had a few different fabrics that I thought might coordinate with those used in the blocks, so I consulted my quilt critic (husband) and he chose the solid purple.  Good choice!

Patty made all the blocks, all I did was add the purple sashing.   Once it was quilted and bound this quilt just came to life.  What a great…

I wanted to hang my quilts from my porch as Jo does.  I thought this view from the quilt back was interesting.  The green backing was a piece that I had in my stash.


Thank you Patty for putting together these fun blocks.

With your help, I was able to complete this wonderful quilt.


Even though these pictures are good, the quilt is so much better in person.

 Thank you Patty.  And thank you Jo for getting us connected.

It takes a team, Lori”

Lori is so right.  It does take a team.  This quilt will go on and go to a person recovering from addiction.  Share House is an organization that Lori quilts for.

Many thanks to Patty.  If you have a twin-sized or larger quilt top that you are longer interested in finishing, feel free to send Cheryl or Lori a message.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Lori and Patty”

  1. That light shining through was so pretty. It’s a very beautiful quilt. The snow though lol…. I’m ready for warmth!

  2. Great job on the beautiful quilt. I hope Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt sees what her quilt looks with the stunning purple smashing. It truly brought it to l ife.

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    Ooooo. Oooooo. Ooooo. Lovely quilt! What a great collaboration by Patty and Lori. I like everything about this quilt.

    Lori, what is the quilting pattern you used? It is wonderful, and I want to steal that idea.

  4. I love the quilt and both of the gals did a great job and then finishing. The panto is perfect. Beautiful quilt!!

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