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Lori is always so busy finishing quilt for Sharehouse. A facility that helps those with addiction issues. It’s such a worthy cause.

Lori writes:
The quilter that sent me this quilt top, binding and backing requested to be anonymous.  She had emailed me and asked what size quilt is preferred for Sharehouse, since she was going to make a quilt special in the best size for a recipient at Sharehouse.  When I first contacted Sharehouse a few years ago, the gal I talked to suggested twin-size quilts since that is the size of the beds at Sharehouse, so that is the approximate size I suggested at that time for people to donate.  But, any size is greatly appreciated, so I hesitate to give a specific size.  Since then, the gal at Sharehouse told me that after a successful year of completing the program at Sharehouse, she takes a few of the “graduates” out for a special supper and gifts them each a quilt.  Wow, can you imagine what a wonderful night for the graduates.

So, when our anonymous quilter asked specifically what size would be good for the Sharehouse recipients, I called Sharehouse again.  We talked about the quilts and how they would get used and such.  What we decided was, any size is greatly appreciated, it is impossible to guess what size bed a person has at their home, and that a quilt to cuddle with on the sofa is the most used quilt in a home.  Soooo, a sofa-sized quilt is a very useful size and a quilter can get this size done with less time and materials than something larger.  Since this size takes less time and less materials, more quilts can get made to cover more people. My suggested (minimum) size is 60” x 72”.  This is just a suggestion, you all know quilts of all sizes are wonderful and appreciated.  The gal at Sharehouse also asked that I label the quilts with the sizes so that they can match up the quilt with a person who might be short or tall.

 I think our anonymous quilter did a fabulous job making this quilt top just the right size, 62” x 72″ and what a beauty it is.  It will be loved for sure.  THANK YOU  quilter, you made my job of finishing this quilt very enjoyable and fun to work with.

I’m in love with this border and look at the stay stitching around the outside edge of the quilt. Some quilters call this stitching the “Victory Lap”.  I did not have to worry about seams popping open when handling the quilt or on the longarm. 

This is the quilt top with the cozy soft flannel backing which she pre-washed, and the binding stitched together and pressed, ready to stitch on the quilt.

Since this was a traditional quilt, I used a baptist fan quilt design with a medium blue thread that matched the middle border. 

The binding is stitched on by machine.

On the internet, it shows to fold quilts on the diagonal so that you don’t get permanent creases.   I’m trying to show the steps in the following photos.

Thank you Jo and our anonymous quilter for providing me with the opportunity to donate to Sharehouse, it takes a team.”

I love the quilt and great colors for a guy or a gal…or a teen. The top maker did an awesome job…and of course, awesome work on your part too Lori.

Thanks so much for sharing the information on the best size for quilt tops for Sharehouse. In my past experience, I think the size you listed is perfect- 60″ x 72″ or larger. If anyone has tops that are that size that you are looking to donate to a worth cause, you can always contact Lori at I think all of know of or have someone in our lives that is struggling with addiction. Giving a quilt is a great way to honor their commitment to get sober.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilt from Lori”

  1. Such lovely and important work! The idea of diagonal folding is new to me. I’ll be discussing that with my quilt club when we meet this Saturday. Thanks for yet another inspirational posting, Jo!

  2. Martha W in WY

    Such a beautiful quilt. I’m sure it will be appreciated. Thank you Lori and anonymous donor.

  3. Oh wow that quilt is beautiful!! Thank you, Lori, for sharing the proper way to fold a quilt and thank you for your beautiful quilting! Thank you to the anonymous quilt maker – you do beautiful work.

  4. Rebecca Burch

    A fabulous quilt for a truly great cause! I love this quilt (of course, I’m partial to the Baptist Fan quilting motif)! Thanks for including further info re making quilts for this cause. I sure will use the suggestions! I’m thinking of a project right now…

  5. Judith Fairchild

    What lovely ideas for going to something like a stitching gathering. Over the years I have found out how much fun it is to give when you get a chance to. Your gift and your table partner’s gift are wonderful ideas.

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